Children of 2006

A group dedicated to moms who had a child in 2006

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Could my daughter be held back in KG?

She just started KG but I know her speech is not as good as the other kids her age. She's done speech therapy and made improvements, but she is still behind in her comprehesion...

Started by Fabi on 09/15/2012 in Children Of 2006

Last update on 09/25/2012 by Kate


love triangle?in preschool

My 4 year old son started preschool in sept. a friend of mine sends her daughter to the same preschool. My son and another boy in the class have both decided they want to marry...

Started by Trista on 01/06/2011 in Children Of 2006

Last update on 09/18/2012 by Gabrielle


Chronic Constipation (Lazy Colon)

My 5 year old daughter, born on her Due Date - Jan 22, 2006 was DXed with Chronic Constipation in September of 2010. They RXed a laxative for her, but I don't like giving it to...

Started by Patience on 03/27/2011 in Children Of 2006

Last update on 09/17/2012 by Traceymalone


3yo with limited speech, is this normal?

Hi i have a boy who turned 3 in late feb and seems to be having difficulty developing his speech skills. He has his own babble and has a few words that are clear to understand,...

Started by Magda on 03/18/2009 in Children Of 2006

Last update on 09/07/2012 by Christal


How to potty train a 3 year old girl

My daughter just turned 3 this June. And she understands why she needs to pee and poop in the potty. She is still in pull-ups. This is my first child.. So I NEED the help! Its...

Started by Mary on 08/08/2012 in Children Of 2006

Last update on 08/30/2012 by Jamie


She is 3 and wont think about anything else!!

My daughter is 3 and she is obsessed with Ariel from the the little mermaid, i was writing to see if any other kids have quite the obsession!! It is everything ariel, clothes,...

Started by Alittletigger20 on 10/29/2009 in Children Of 2006

Last update on 08/29/2012 by User


Helping Children develop their voice

So often we hear adults conversing and during a single conversation they will change their viewpoint every few minutes to align themselves with whoever is speaking. Even though,...

Started by Joanne on 06/22/2012 in Children Of 2006

Last update on 06/22/2012 by Joanne


my 3 yearold refuses to poo in the toilet

he will quite happily go and wee on the toilet but insists on a nappy to poo. iv tried telling him there are no nappys left and he just poos in his pants. tried telling him he...

Started by Lyndsey on 10/16/2009 in Children Of 2006

Last update on 06/03/2012 by Anna


Preschoolers peer problems

My daughter is 4 and there are a group of children who continuously being rude to her, it started off by saying things like we are not your friends or dont come and play with...

Started by Ruchi on 12/07/2010 in Children Of 2006

Last update on 05/29/2012 by Sally

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