Daily routine for my 3 year old????

Lindsay - posted on 02/02/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I just started staying home with my 3 year old daughter. Ive started trying to do letters and numbers school work with her and she refuses. She pulls the "I don't know" card, even though I know she does. She is doing it so I will give up and let her quit. Am I pushing too hard? Should I just let her play and do kid things or should I continue forcing her to do this?? What do 3 year olds generally do throughout their day???

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Mandy - posted on 02/03/2010




You could try some fun learning like making play dough letters or using pudding to paint letters. My 3yo loves to read, read, read, we even go to storytime at the library and she loves that too. She has a doll house that she plays with and does princess dress up. She loves to color and paint and even enjoys helping me cook. She goes to swim lessons weekly and probably start dance lessons after she learns to swim.

Leanne - posted on 02/03/2010




My 3 year old has an active morning playing in the park, or outside. Her 2 year old brother has a nap in the early afternoon and then we have a quiet time with reading, art and craft, play dough, cooking that sort of thing. She does love trying to write her name and drawing pictures but I only do letters and numbers with her if she asks to. She is always asking Science questions so I find that I'm doing a lot of learning as well because I have to look up the answers.

Kassie - posted on 02/02/2010




I found that my daughter likes to learn when we make it a game. If you force her instead of growing to love learning she will not enjoy it. I do some work sheets with her if she wants to if she doesnt we do something else like outside time and try again later. I like to make a game out of everything we do. Letter search is fun I show her a new letter and when we are out and about I ask her if she sees any A's for example. She loves this and if she finds one we do the happy dance.

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