What is the best way to make my son interested in books?

Z - posted on 12/06/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




When I start to read books to him he will yawn, run around and dosent want to stay put. Sometimes, I want to give up and don't want to keep up with reading to him but I can't because this is the only way he can increase his vocabulary.

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When my son was a year old I took him to story time @ the library. When he became mobile playing was more entertaining then the story and as to not totally distract everyone from story time we stopped going for those. I would still take him to the library and he would play while I would pick out board books (didn't want him to rip pages, etc) He really loved the touch & feel books which kept his interest more then a regular book. I would also pick counting, alphabet, or shape books which are all short and help him learn. He has a book shelf full of books at home and would occassionally want me to read one only to flip the pages faster then I could read it or get completely distracted and run around playing. Most times he would want me to read to him while I was trying to read my own book...a little annoying...so when he would wander off I'd pick my book back up and he'd come back because I stopped talking...He didn't seem to have much of an interest in books, but now that he is 3 he'll sit through an entire book (not all the time...) sometimes he'll have me read every book we got from the library and ask me to reread them (I always get atleast 6). So I'm assuming your son is young? I wouldn't worry too much...keep them available and do your own reading. If he wanders off put it down and he'll come back to it...if he flips through the pages read what you can catch and just go with it...they don't get to control much...

There are SOOO many ways to expand your child's vocabulary and reading is just one...talk to your child, talk ALOT, all the time about nothing and everything...don't dumb down your vocabulary because you're talking to a child. Talk to them like you would an adult! If you feel your vocabulary isn't large enough then start perusing a thesaurus. They will not understand the words if you do not use them! Children's vocabulary grows by what they hear, this does NOT have to come solely from books!

Jaycee - posted on 12/07/2009




Reading to your child is so important and he will learn to love books too if you don't force him into it. If he is still young pick short books, and maybe not even read the book just look through it the first few times. Also make sure you pick books that will interest him. Usborne Books offer some of the best books to help your child learn to read. Reading is so much more than just reading the words on the page, the child needs to be engaged. They offer great short simple books that will keep him involved during the reading. Start with the touchy feely books. They are one sentence a page and offer different textures for the child to feel while you read. It's also important to ask the child questions while reading. Ask do you see the puppy? What is he doing? What do you think will happen next? One last thing that I think alot of adults forget is important when teaching a child to love books and read, read your own material where there can see you and see your personal enjoyment of reading too. So many times we want to tuck the kids into bed read them a stroy and climb into our bed to do our reading. The child never sees you reading your own books. Try establishing DEAR time in your home -- Drop Everything And Read -- a time where there is no tv, or other distractions just everyone sitting in the living room with a book. Young ones can look through the books while the older ones read, or someone can read to everyone. I hope this helps :)

Stina - posted on 12/06/2009




What is he interested in? Find books that are about things he likes- take him to the library and get him a library card- let him choose books himself to check out.

My 5 yo loves books that have things he can manipulate on the page. Flaps to open, things to pull, whatever- if he can mess with it, it holds his interest.

Also, it took my son till he was 3 before he would actually sit for an entire story consistantly. From the time he was able to walk, I'd sit with him for a story and he'd be up and moving before it was finished. I chose books for ME that I loved to read. Then, even if he wasn't paying attention any more, I kept reading it to the end. To this day, if we are purchasing a new book, I will veto anything that I myself don't think I'll enjoy reading to them. What's the use having it on the bookshelf if I'm not going to read it very often?

Just reading the book aloud to your son- even if he doesn't seem to be paying attention- will help his vocabulary.

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