Christian HomeSchoolers

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Wow - lots of homeschooling groups to join! I decided to join just 1 ... otherwise I'd be on here all day and not homeschooling. We homeschool our oldest 2 children (although...


Christian Moms need encouragement

I am a Christian wife and mom of 3 and have been a full time missionary for a coulple of decades. The biggest need I have seen is encouragement for our Moms and Sisters. We need...


Am i cut out for homeschooling?

I feel like God is leading me to homeschool my children, bu this is sooo not me (so i thought) Just wanted to hear others stories of feeling totally underqualified to ake on...


AOP Horizons vs Weaver?

Has anyone here used Alpha Omega's handwriting products? Last year we used Horizons penmanship for my oldest boy and loved it! However, I am considering making the switch to...


What curriculum do you use? Why?

I find this is a common question moms ask each other. Certainly we all want what's best and are looking for new ideas. I use AOE LifePac for everytining this year. I will...


looking for hs'ers in vicenza italy

We will be moving in August and really would like to find some other hs families to meet with. My sons will be 8 and 10 and both are concerned about meeting new friends. Also,...