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Amy - posted on 10/06/2011 ( 13 moms have responded )




My husband comes home from work and wants 30min to prepare supper. I am not a good cook so I thought I would post it on here to see some recipes or if you can give me some websites, we would be cooking for 3. 2 adults and 1 child.

I find it frustrating that these things are hard to find, or 5 ingredient recipes.

I am starting to think c rockpot, but he doesn't like chicken, or pork, so that leaves beef beef and more beef

Suggestions welcome

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Gail - posted on 10/22/2011




Pampered Chef had 2 cookbooks:

"29 minutes to dinner" and there is a volume 2 as well. I enjoy there books because it also gives you a clue to tools to use and other helpful information. blessings!

you can either gor through a dealer or the company webisite listed below:


Summer - posted on 10/18/2011




if you have time to peel potatoes in the morning, prepare them, cover with water and add some lemon juice, that should stop them from going brown before you use them.

pasta carbonara is fussy to make, but only because you have to have everything ready at the same time. if you prepare most of it ahead then you can make it in as long as it takes to cook the pasta. there are loads of recipies online.

Josslyn - posted on 10/17/2011




Oh wow, you have omelets, stir fry's, squildies, buy n bake recipes, ham pastas, all in one recipes.

try this one, take frankfurters and cut into 1 inch rounds, take uncooked spaghetti and push a few through so that it looks like a tripod, make a sauce from a quick bag sauce and cook on the stove in the sauce for about 20 min, that's called squildies.

you can take beef strips, green peppers, onions, pineapple, tomatoes and mushrooms and pan fry them in a bit of olive oil until golden brown and place them in pita's or wraps.

you can take bread rolls and cut their bellies open, pan fry bacon, mushrooms green peppers and onions in olive oil, fill the rolls and put cheese over and grills in the oven until golden brown.

you can make a burger pie, take 6 burger rolls, cut them in half and place the bottom half in a baking dish, brown ground beef and place a layer over the rolls, take cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and whatever you prefer on your burger and place it in layers over the top, place the other roll half ontop of it all and put white sauce over the complete dish, bake in the oven for 10 min.

Soausage stuufed potatoes, boil large potatoes on the stove, then grill suasage and warm pesto on the stove together. cut the potato in a cross shap intop and squeese from all four side's until it looks like a star, place grilled sausage and oesto sauce ontop and voila!

Fries and fillers dish, make fries as per usual and take different sauces in bags in separate dishes and place them on the table, they can all help themselves. you can even make fries and place ground beef over the top on each one's plate, also a winner!!

There are so many more I make at home, but I don't cook with quantities, and any other home-maker shouldn't either, use your own judgement, if the family doesn't like too much onion, only use half a one and so on.

Point is to use your imagination!! Have fun...

Heidi - posted on 10/16/2011




Try cooking large amounts of rice, pasta, meats, and sauces then portion and freeze so they are ready to toss in casseroles or stir fry. We also eat lots of sandwich dinners like pulled pork, sloppy joes, etc., paired with salad, fruit, or veggies.

Carla - posted on 10/10/2011




I guess we take for granted that the way we do things is the way ALL people do things! The people that use scales in US are usually diabetics and weight watchers. MY problem with cooking is I DON'T use a recipe, so if someone says this is good, give me the recipe, I am stuck! Also, I don't know how to cook for the two of us--we had my parents and their 3-4 children with us a lot and whatever 'stray' the kids brought home, so I am a cooker for an army. We always have a plethora of left-overs to freeze or send over to my mom. And the times I DO get it right for two, company drops in! Oh my!

God bless!

Carla - posted on 10/10/2011




@Angela, I'm curious as to why you weigh ingredients. Is it just like using a measuring cup or something else?

Angela - posted on 10/10/2011




Just a note to say Amy that most of the weblinks I gave you were English - we weigh ingredients! I also use lots of American online recipes myself and possess a set of measuring cups (most keen British cooks do!) but I was just wondering if most American cooks possessed kitchen scales?

Hope you're doing OK anyway and have made some nice suppers for you & your family!

Jennifer - posted on 10/09/2011




I love allrecipes.com. You can do searches for ingredients you have on hand, quick meals, crockpot meals, even ethnic dishes.

Linda - posted on 10/09/2011




I used to get home from work and try to get dinner ready in 30 minutes. I remember using the microwave a lot...but making real dishes, like sweet and sour pork in the microwave. Also, don't count out the crock pot. You can cook almost anything in there--including soups and stews. I really like Taste of Home magazine and any of their sister magazines. You can check out their recipes online as well. They even have s section for quick recipe ideas. Here is the link: http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Cooki...

I've never made anything from their website (or magazine) that didn't taste good.

Linda - posted on 10/08/2011




Making things ahead is a big help. Prepare a pot of soup or chili to be reheated on the next night (while it is heating you can make cornbread and salad). Make potpie filling and while it is heating in the pot throw together a pie crust. Then it is just assembly and toss it in the oven. Make spaghetti sauce (I do a whole crock pot full and freeze in appropriate amounts), when you get home boil the noodles, heat the sauce and prep whatever veggies you want. Precut items for a stir fry. Also don't give up on chicken or pork without a fight keep trying different ways of serving it and either he will find one that he does like or he will become accustomed to having it occasionally even if it isn't on his favorites list (broccoli was a major dislike around here until my son fell in love with it, now the whole family likes it).

Carla - posted on 10/07/2011




There are tons of recipes out there, even if you type in 30 minute recipes. But what I do is--I can't cook for two, it usually comes out to feed at least 8. I divide the left-overs into zip-loc bags and label them with date and content and freeze. Also, (now I never did this, but it was recommended, and sounds wonderful) on Saturdays cook several meals and freeze for the week to come.

My kids loved pigs in a blanket--any refrigerated roll, I liked the look of the crescent rolls, a slice of cheese and hot dog, kielbasa, etc and bake. Very quick, the kids love them! Tater tot casserole is extremely easy, package of tater tots, 1 lb hamburger, browned with an onion, and you can add whatever else, a clove of garlic, can of mushrooms, etc., and a can of cream of mushroom soup, mix together and bake 350 for 30 min.

Now these meals are fine, but sometimes you are going to find you are so sick of the same old thing you are going to throw up looking at the stove, so--maybe give Hubby a little snack to tide him over, and make a 'proper' meal.

As for Angela's recommendation of having Hubby cook a meal, well, good luck! We barely survived my husband's cooking, and my father's as well ;) I'd rather cook than spend the evening in the emergency room suffering from ptomaine poisoning ;)

Crock pot cooking has greatly improved over the last several years. My daughter has a crockpot recipe book and she cooks everything from roast to meat loaf in hers. Watch the grocery store's check out lines for little booklets of easy meals. There's a lot of good things in there.

God bless, sweetheart, coming up with a variety all the family likes is no easy chore, so just keep trying.

Angela - posted on 10/07/2011




Here are a few weblinks with some recipe ideas:







Have you thought about ways to cut preparation time by doing stuff in advance? For example, my husband and I LOVE fruit crumble and I make far more crumble mix than we actually need. The excess goes into a plastic bag in the fridge and will keep for about a month! Or if he’s watching TV after his meal, why not take 20 or 30 minutes to prepare tomorrow’s meal in advance so it’s a whole lot faster when tomorrow comes? You could measure/weigh out the ingredients, peel some vegetables (cover them with water and they’ll be OK until tomorrow) and make sure the dishes, utensils and pans you’ll be using are all together in one place easy to grab the following day!

If you make double quantities, you could freeze half of it (wait at least 10 days before you have the same thing again though) and remove from the freezer on the morning so it’s thawed for the evening meal.

Is your husband taking his turn at occasionally producing meals himself? Making food etc … is not exclusively a woman’s role!

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