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With our tough economic times we need to get back to nieghbor helping nieghbor, brother helping brother....we have way to many familys hurting in this country you may know someone or even your self going thru a lay-off or a foreclosure and are in desperate need of something. This is were we need to step up, if you know of a family in need maybe we could pick up a few extra things at the store that would bless that family or maybe they have had thier hours cut at work and they are struggling with paying for daycare maybe you could pick up a day or maybe they are struggling with thier marriage because of the stress of lossing a job you can bless them by just being there as a shoulder to cry on some times a shoulder to cry on a can mean more to some one than any amount of money you could give... We as christian some times are afaid to ask for help we don't want to seem weak...Well guess what we are!!!! The only thing that keeps us strong is Our LOVING GOD we need to learn how to lay down our pride and ask for help or ask someone else if you could do something for them...Last night I had to be obedient to the Lord when he brought to my attention one of the woman in our church has been having issues with stress and he called me to wash her feet so I went over to her house and gave her a pedicure and a foot message and she was so blessed by this simple act we has a great time with talking about the Lord and just spending that few hours together...you just never know what will bless someone just ask the Lord to show you who could be bless by you...You just never know whos life you maybe saving...We are having a rise in suicides because people are feeling hopeless we need to be the Lords hands and feet and go spread his love in our nieghborhoods or ladies if you have a need let us know maybe there is one of us in your area that can help out or maybe one of us can help out from across the country...yes I am calling you to vulnerable I'm asking you to be weak so that the Lord can be strong...God has blessed our family during these hard times and I'm more than willing to help out were I can and I'm sure that there are others out there in the same that would be willing to help out just put down the pride and ask!!! I don't want this to be anything that is organized I just want us to lean on each other and I want to be a blessing for others around us lets get back to basics ladies and help our nieghbors.( and I'm not just talking about our christian nieghbors I'm talking anyone that is in need of the Lords Love)...May the Lord bless any road you travel along the way...


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Since I'm out of work right now, I focussing on my volunteer work. I love it and love the peace God has supplied me with! God bless!!

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