Baby Phlegm...and bad cough.

Christina - posted on 05/26/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi moms out there. My babes has a bad cough and occasionally pukes. When he does there is a bunch of phlegm that follows. He is congested. Right now he is currently about 2 months. I like to do things in a natural pathic way. Going to the doctors I'm not to fond of. I turn the hot shower on and let it run throughout my house. This works, but it is pretty unbearable for me to sit in the heat. Please any tips that you might have would be great. Thanks!

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Julie - posted on 05/27/2009




Try chest percussions to help break up the gunk in his lungs. Lay him on his tummy or up on your shoulder, cup your hand and gently hit his back up and down on either side of the spine; you can also thump on his chest a little. Also, be sure to use the bulb syringe to clean out his nose really good and do it often; it works best if you plug one side of the nose while you are cleaning out the other; it gets the gunk out before it drips down his throat into his tummy. If it doesn't get better soon or he gets any kind of fever, rapid breathing, or labored breathing (you can see his ribs outlined when he breathes), please take him to the doctor. Babies that young are at high risk for complications from things like RSV. My son was in ICU for 5 days when he was 5 months old with RSV; and he never had a temperature, just the coughing and labored rapid breathing.

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Please don't wait to long to go to the doctor and yet it might not help taking him in. My daughter was 5wks when she coughed a lot and everything she ate came up within minutes.Slept all the time. We were very worried about her and took her to Emergency. They said she just had a flu she'd get over it.I was very unhappy with the doctors. At lunch she had her last feeding and threw it up.Towards eve she quit wetting her diaper. Didn't make a peep.Took her in again at 10Pm. In hopes the Dr would see she was really sick.When we brought her in the nurse of course wanted to know all about it. I said we were in this morning and they wouldn't give any advice. She said "Oh!" Took one look at the baby and rushed us into a different room . Was given oxygen and took blood work and urine test.Thru this whole time she just lay there without making a sound.Was very hard on us parents. wanted to put IV in her hand, poked around for a long time and finally gave up. At 2Am they finally shaved one side of her head and stuck the IV in there. I was very tired already and now my baby lost most of her beautiful hair. She had lots of dark hair.We were in the hospital from Thurs. night to Mon. morning. If you find somtehing helps that you're doing, do it. I would suggest giving him liquids. give it to him with a dropper if he won't take anything else. Hopefully he's better soon.

Heather - posted on 05/26/2009




You can give Pedialyte at that age. My doctor actually recommended it with one of my girls. It helps break up the phlegm. I will say that my daughters cold was pretty bad. Pretty much what you are describing. I took her to the doctor, and they wont give meds at that age, but they did suction out her lungs, and it helped ALOT!!!

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