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Sara - posted on 01/12/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I am throwing a shower for one of my best friends this weekends, and I am looking for some unique games to play, does anyone have any suggestions? I am looking for games that are clean/family friendly (not "pin the sperm on the egg" or "that's what she said"). Thanks for all of your help!!!


Anne - posted on 01/13/2011




In our family we have stopped playing games because of lack of any "Fun" "Unique" games. BUT we do give every guest or family group, (Moms and their daughters that live at home with the mom) an envelope and have them put their names and addresses on the out side as if they were going to mail the Thank you card to themselves. The return address and stamp are already on the envelope. Then we put them in a basket and depending how many are in attendance about every 15 to 20 minutes when we are having refreshments an envelope is drawn and that person (Or first name of the envelope) receives a "Prize" Other things I have heard of doing is asking questions like who has a child born nearest the due date, The mom that has the most children and the youngest and oldest mom in attendance. ANy grandmothers number of G C.

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Get some different kinds of chocolate candy bars, then melt them down individually and stick each one inside a diaper. Then have people sniff and see if they can figure out what each one is. Another game, is to take the label off of a bunch of different kinds of baby food jars that you have numbered (just don't forget to write down what each number is before you take the label off) Then pass the unopened jars around and tell people to guess what each jar holds.

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Michelle - posted on 01/17/2011




One game that I think is really cute is a random prize game. You buy those little tiny babies from the store (in the prize section, or even in the wedding or baby shower invitation section at party stores). You put these babies in colored ice cubes... we did pink lemonade at the party I hosted, so we made pink lemonade ice cubes (with the few babies inside). Everyones drink gets at least one of the colored ice cubes. When the ice cubes melt, the ladies with the floating babies get a little consolation gift. This is pretty cute. I'm pretty sure you can buy the little babies with colored diapers too, depending on whether the mother is expecting a boy or a girl.

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My favorite game is the "baby" game. My aunt made small diapers (folded up cloths) with a pin through it look like a diaper. Each person got one to pin on to themselves. Then through out the whole shower if you heard any one say "baby" you could take their diaper. The person with the most diapers at the end of the party won a prize. I also like baby bingo. Everyone get a pre-made card with the squares on it. Say 4x4 and they get to fill in the squares with what they think gifts they think the mama will open. Then as she opens her gifts they can cross them off & whom ever gets 4 in a row wins a bingo.

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