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I am trying to get my children more involved in learning scriptures and reading the bible, they have been going to a Catholic church that sponors day camp in our area and they are teaching them prayer and parts of the bible. They seem to enjoy it and tell me what they learn but I would like to continue this process at home but not sure which direction I should go in. Please advise


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I totally agree that children learn by example. Let them see you reading your Bible and praying. I take time every morning at breakfast with my kids and we are learning the 10 Commandments. I start by reading them, then we go back one by one and explain them and start learning them. Then the next day I start by quizzing them on the ones we learned the day before. This is the method that works for us. We also read the Bible before bed, and sometimes when they see me reading throughout the day they ask me to read to them out loud. Also I have some of my favorite scriptures taped up around the house, and they love it when I read them to them. This helps in the memory process. This is just what we do. I hope it helps you in some way. I have prayed for you. What a wonderful thing to want to do with your children!!

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I have found the most wonderful web site for kids it's It has all diferent dinomanations and it is different teachings of the word. I use it for our childrens church and I love it. It's a free program and every week they will E-Mail you the new lesson and then at home you can just work off of the main lesson for the rest of the week...God Bless you and your children on this journey

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go to a christan book store and get some books that were design to help kids learn the bible and scriptures, then set a time every day to interact with your kids and teach them about the scriptures.

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One more thing I meant to mention in m y earlier post. At the top of the thread list ( i really do no know what else to call it) is pinned post about Creating Godly Legacy This is well worth the tie to listen to.

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First off the little girl in the picture is sooo cute!!!

I am sure you know that children learn by example. Because of this, let your children see you reading the Bible. If they do not have their own BIbles you can get great ones at Wal-Mart or a Christian Bookstore. The main difference is the selection and price.

If you have a bedtime routine you may want to add reading from their Bible's as part of this. Our daughters were involved in our church's Bible Quizzing program. Each school year they would study in depth one book from the Bible.

Are you and your family a part of a Church? It does not matter the Denomination of the Church, it matters what is taught. Find a Church that Preaches the Saving Grace of the Blood of Jesus Christ and the need for a Personal Relationship With Jesus Christ.

I hope this has helped. Also spend time in Prayer asking God to guide you.

Matthew 7:7 "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

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