Christian Colleges or Christian- friendly colleges

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I'm sure some of us have kids in college and some of us are graduates of Christian colleges.

What college do you like and why?

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I had no idea Pepperdine was a Christian university!

I bet there are lots of smaller colleges like Olivet Nazarene out there that we just don't know about!

What a blessing to have active Christian ministries that make an important impact in the secular colleges like Purdue, which I think is a land-grant university!

Anyone else out there?

Jane - posted on 12/02/2008




It is not well known the Peppedine University is a Christian college affliated w/ the Church of Christ. My 2 girls attend there and it has been a great fit for them. They have made some wonderful friends that encourage and challenge each other to grow spiritually. They are many opportunities to serve and they are thriving spiritually and academically. Yes, the price tag was pretty steep, but God has provided grants and scholarships for both of them to attend.

Why do I like Pepperdine? It's 6 hours from home!! Freshman girl and guy dorms in seperate buildings - ha ha ha. that was a big plus for me after visiting schools were girls and guys share a common bathroom/showers.

God made the path clear for them to attend. All the things we thought were obstacles were cleared for my daughters to take the step faith to attend. The people there are so friendly and the mission statement or purpose made me feel that it was a great place for them to spread their wings.

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I just thought that with all the Christian Mommies out there, (and lots of questions about home schooling & public education) there are probably a lot of moms with kids approaching that college age who might like some good information. :)

Where better to share our experiences than here where we can learn from one another?

Kate - posted on 12/02/2008




I like Purdue. My husband and I both went there and are both Christians and foud it to be a great witnessing opportunity. Also, there are cooperative houses there that are christian. I lived in the girls house called Stewart. The guys house is called Fairway. You rush them like you would a frat but they are dry houses no drinking allowed and you have house chores like cooking and cleaning once or twice a week which is a good thing. You also met so many people and form friendships much faster then you do in a dorm. The houses also do Bible studies and that aren't manditory but offered and you get a good mix of Christian men and women but with the independence of a state school. Hope that helps and good luck.

Cynthia - posted on 12/02/2008




Hi Juli,

I prefer a Christian College/University because it reinforces the Christian principles my husband and I have taught in the home and received from church. I attended Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, IL and my son is a junior at the same university. So for what it's worth, which I feel is alot, it helps in keeping the child or any individual for that matter, focused and grounded, as well as gives support and a foundation for handling life.

What are your thougths?


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