Christian School vs Public School

Lakeisha - posted on 12/14/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I know this is an age old debate but my 14 year old made the comment the other day that public school has gotten ridiculous with its teachings and that he wants to go to a christian school. The closest one is about 10-15 miles from out home so it would mean an extra commute in the morning. However I am concerned about him adjusting to a new environment and leaving behind all of his friends and teammmates. I have encouraged him and reminded him of his Christian upbringing and teachings and what he know is right and this is working for now. Would you move your child to the school of his choice or keep him in public school?

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Heather - posted on 12/15/2009




I agree with everyone... I know there was more then one opinion, but they were all wise with their answers. At 14 he should be able to know if his friends are dragging him down or lifting him up. He knows his spiritual walk and knows if he is able to encourage them or if they will eventually knock him down. You need to trust him. I would talk with him and see if he could be a light to his friends, or if he really needs to leave. You could also talk with the teachers about what you do and don't want him taught. Take him with you for these discussions, he is old enough. If you can't swing Christian school for him, maybe discuss on-line schooling. It might provide the change that he needs, but still fit the schedule of your family.

Amy - posted on 12/15/2009




Christian school is a good alternative to public school, however, if your family has a hard time taking him to the school in the mornings, a good thing to do is to remind him that he can be a positive influence in his school. Let him know that people in this time are confused about what is right, but the teachings in his home are important to heed to. I went to public school, knowing that there were bad examples around me, but because I had a loving home to go to where my parents taught me what was right, I was able to go to school and take it in with a grain of salt.

Linda - posted on 12/15/2009




My mother gave me the choice of public school or Christian school when I was going to high school. I think children of this age definitely can weigh the pros and cons and make good decisions. I chose public school for high school (it was a very good school and I wanted to play in the band) but also decided I wanted to go to a Christian college. Of course, that was many years ago (early '80's). Today, if he wants to go and you can afford it, I would definitely send him to the Christian school. He's right--some public schools have become ridiculous. For my own children, I have homeschooled them because we cannot afford a Christian school, a mom can do a better job at the actual education, and it creates family togetherness. Also, if your son has some say in his education, he will take ownership of it, which is what you want. Never forget: our main job as mom is to work ourself out of a job! We want our children to be independent, thinking adults (who love God)!

Victoria - posted on 12/14/2009




I think at 14 he's probably at an age where he can weigh out the options & realizes that he'll be leaving friends & such behind, but if it's something he really wants & if you can afford I would seriously consider it.

We just moved our three daughters out of public school into a Christian school & they have just flourished since we made the move this past September. My oldest is 8, then I have a 6 yr old & a 4 year old. My 4 yr old & my 6 year old are already learning french in JK & SK, all the kids at the school love being there & where as my 8 yr old used to cry & beg me not to send her to school (at the public school) she now hates it if she has to stay home when she is sick.

I do not regret the move and I praise God that all the teachers are Christian too.

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I think at 14 his opinion needs to be taken into consideration, but in the end you need to do what is right for your entire family. I would never be able to send my kids to private school cuz I don't have that kind of funding. If you can afford it then I would make a list of pros and cons of both school options and try to decide what is best.

Not sure if that helps or not. My oldest 2 just turned 8, so I don't have quite as many years of experience as you yet. ;)

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