Christmas Teaching Moments for Toddler/Preschoolers

Rebekah - posted on 12/05/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Giving Lesson
Bake some cookies with your child. Use cookie cutters to make shapes or just make plain cookies and then decorate them. Get some of those rub-on transfer stickers and make a small card, we used the Nativity sets from Michaels (whole sheet for 79 cents). Just stick to the paper and rub with a popsicle stick. Then I wrote "Merry Christmas" on the card. And my son and I delivered cookies to the neighbors.

Angels in the Sky
Get a dark blue poster board and spray it with glitter spray to make it shiny like a starry night sky. Then have your child stick Angel foamies/felt stickers to the sky with trumpets and sing "Angels We Have Heard on High"... "Glooooooooooo -ooooooo- ria". :D

Basket Under the Tree
Have your child get a basket and prepare it for baby Jesus to arrive on Christmas morning. Have them make paper hay, or shred paper to lay in it. (Have a baby doll wrapped in a blankie ready to show up on Christmas morning). Keep telling your child "baby Jesus is coming" or "almost Jesus' birthday time".

Pine Cone Trees
Grab a pine cone and have your child dab green and white paint all over it. While paint is still wet let child sprinkle on salt for a frosty texture. Great opportunity to talk about why this tree is always green - there is LOTS of christian lessons on this.

Big Star
Cut out a star shape out of cardboard, have your child paint glue all over it, then place it in a box while they put glitter all over it (any color they want). Once dry, do the other side. Then hang it up in the middle of a room and explain when baby Jesus was born, God put a BIG star in the sky over Him.

Candle Tabletop Decorations
Give your children short cardboard tubes to paint any color they wish for candles. Help them glue their candles in the center of small paper plates. Give them yellow paper flame shapes to glue inside the top of their candles, or have them poke squares of yellow tissue paper into the candle tops for flames. To complete, let them glue small pine cones and other nature items around the base of their candles. Tell them Jesus lights the fire in our life so we can be a light for all people to see, just like a candle.


Anne - posted on 12/06/2010




Great Ideas as always Rebekah. The Christmas Cookie idea is something my sister-in-law has done for years. Their children are now 18 and 14 and yet it is still a highlight or their Christmas Activities.

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