Fairy-theme B-day party for a 4 yrd old

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Hi guys! Im planing an outdoor (yard) fairy theme party for my 4 yr old daughter..any cool ideas? anything!


Cheryl - posted on 05/02/2009




You could get some "Pixie Sticks" for your party favor bags. At Wal-mart in the craft section where the wedding supplies are there are little opalescent see through bags with silver ribbon closures. They would make great bags for their "pixie dust". Also for the wings if you didn't want to have a time where they decorated them you could take a wire clothes hangar and form it in to wings and then use knee highs to pull over them. Add some glitter, maybe some spray paint...tie them on with ribbons. I hope you girls have a great time!

Rebekah - posted on 05/02/2009




Here's some other ideas...

Have cool invitations that tells the girls to come in costume (or whatever they can think of for a fairy).

Decoration Ideas:

Bubbles and Willow Branches
On the front porch put up a bubble machine to shower everyone with bubbles as they ring the door bell. Greet them and cover them in glitter lotion on their arms or spray glitter in their hair. Give them a set of wings, have 2 colors and let them choose or just have on color to make it easy on the budget. To make it look like a willow in your yard, tie curling ribbon throughout the trees so that it dangles and put white christmas tree lights up.

You can use "Fairy Music" like Barbie Fairytopia, High School Musical or even Nutcracker.

You can fancy up a table with a faux lace table cloth over a colored one. Use real china (sure means you have to wash, but it's memorable). Put out napkin rings made out of flowers. Sprinkle flower petals all over the table with confetti or glitter. Use paper plates and glue jewels to the outside of them. Make a special flower arrangement for the centerpiece and let the girls take a flower home with them, have a paper cup for a vase.

Go to a craft store and pick up oversized butterflies or garden stakes. Buy some smaller paper butterflies to hang throughout the trees. Use sunflower vines to hang around or as table border decoration, etc.


Get some wooden dowels and copper wire, make your own bubble wand. Have bubble solution in a silver urn.

Fairy Dance
Make up a dance to a music selection, teach it to the girls and have them present it to the birthday girl or to the parents, etc.

Decorate Wings
Have girls decorate fairy wings. Either ask for them to bring their own or supply them. Can be found at dollar stores too. All you need is glitter glue, jewels, hot glue gun, flowers, etc.

Story Telling
There is a HUGE amount of information on "fairies" on the internet, get the girls' imaginations running. Then give each one a fairy necklace as a party favor - all you need is some ribbon (any color of choice), a small vial, and glitter. Fill the vial with glitter, tie the ribbon to it and voila - fairy necklace!


Fairy Fairy Pixie
Play just like Duck, Duck, Goose but use a wand to tap. Have them win a flashing wand or something cool - maybe a wand with ribbons and a cool topper on it like a unicorn.

Fairy Queen Says
Play just like Simon Says - maybe it's flight training for the girl, have them swoop, glide, flutter, etc.

Flower Pot Bean Bag Toss
Decorate some flower pots (found easily at dollar stores) set them up for a bean bag toss. Can make bean bags with a sachet and fill it with beans or rocks or whatever.

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn
Find a coloring page of a unicorn and make a copy onto a transparency and trace on a posterboard. Leave the horn off. Then out of posterboard make a horn get it laminated and you have a game.

Snack Ideas...

Fairy Food
Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and chicken salad sandwiches, cut into heart and flowers shapes with a cookie cutter. Flower shaped cookies with sugar crystals (glitter) on top. Serve with pink lemonade.

Fairy Sandwiches
Strawberry jam sandwich cut with a flower shaped cookie cutter. Turkey and cheese sandwich cut with a butterfly shaped cookie cutter. Fruit Tray - strawberry, grapes, pineapple, etc. Cheese tray. Berry Fairy Punch - pink lemonade, iced sweet tea, pixie sticks, and top it off with Barbie Fairtopia floating in a flower.

Fairy Snacks
Hallow out a cabbage and put ranch dip inside. In a brand new flower pot, put chips inside. Take wooden steak skewers and put fruit on them - grapes, strawberries, pineapple, and top it off with a melon cut into a star shape (fruit wands). Inside hallowed out melon make a dip for the fruit wands. On the kids table put 4 flower pots with stuff all kids like to eat like fruit loops, cookies, veggie sticks, etc.

Zimmersgirl - posted on 05/01/2009




You could make some giant tissue flowers and sprinkle with glitter for decorations. You could tie them to tree branches and fench posts, almost anywhere the wind might blow and hang down green crepe paper or greenery with leaves, or green curling ribbon hanging down randomly all over. Make some glittery butterflies to peek out here and there too. for real fun, you could even add white or pink/purple Christmas lights around, blinking.

Spread tissue flowers or silk flower heads all over the places they'll be, free and random...some on tables, maybe have a petal path to the party area???

Instead of party hats, make flower garlands for the girls to wear around their heads. You can do this with silk flowers, or even just make a ribbon garland one with ribbon and tulle. You can even get "roll" of tulle in most dollar stores now (in party supply section of store). There are some how-to sites to show you how if you use google. Basically, take floral wire and add ribbon and tulle. I bet you could tie pieces of it and then add the extra ribbon and whatnot to make it prettier. Shape it so that it would go half-way around their heads, loop the ends so you can add the ribbons to tie the headpieces around their heads.

For an easy (but might be "messy") craft, you could go to party store and get colored, glittery sand and the empty "necklaces" and have them make necklaces. Or get candy necklace kits and when they are done they can spritz with water and you can sprinkle with edible glitter (usually in cake decoration aisle of stores).

If you're really crafty and can get a deal on tulle, you could make little tu-tus for everyone in fairy colors (pastels, glittery). That's pretty aggressive, but some people are good at that.

Another craft might be to buy poster board and cut out wings for each girl (before the party) then when they arrive they can get started decorating them. Use markers, or sticky gems, etc. Whatever it is, let it be fast-drying because they'll want to wear them right away. You can tie them on with ribbons around shoulders. This will keep friends busy while they wait for others to arrive. Make sure to have a couple finished for those stragglers who won't have time to make their own. NOTE: If you want to let them paint or use glitter glue or something like that, they can dry in the sun while you do another activity.

They can decorate cookies with sprinkles and edible glitter.

Instead of traditional favor bags, make your own. Buy some pretty shiny or soft (velveteen, sateen, etc.) fabric and cut 1 ft. squares. Put their goodies in the middle of wrong side. Gather it all up and tie with bunches of ribbon. Add a sprig of flowers if you're feeling festive. ALSO since you're outside, you could even make one of ribbon ties on each "bag" really long and hang them from the trees.

Use pink, white, purple streamers/crepe paper to form a canopy over the cake/party table.

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Since this thread is over 3 years old, I am going to close it. Thank you for posting.

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I was not going to post because I did not have anything to offer for ideas. BUT I just wanted to say how truly creative you ladies are. Have any of you thought of planning Children's Parties as a way to make some extra money?

Lisa - posted on 05/02/2009




Hey that is great you will have a great time. I had a Princess party for my neice. Everyone wore thier little prince and princess outfits. We decked out a chair for the 'queen' and took pictures of each one sitting on the throne. The games were all 'treasure' hunt type things. I am sure you could do a search on what 'fairies' do all day. Have a great time!


Rebekah - posted on 05/01/2009




Let's see bubbles... bubble blower... ribbons (lots of them).

You could ask a carpet company to donate some empty carpet tubes. Then get some styrofoam cut them into circles and cover them with foil. Glue to the top of the carpet tube and now you have a table. Decorate it with fairy colors, ribbons, put butterflies on them, etc. You could even make them look like a tree and the chairs make them look like a leaf or mushroom that they are sitting on (use fabric or green table paper, etc.).

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