Feeling isolated - how can I make friends that I can trust?

Christina - posted on 08/26/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




About 6 years ago, I moved to a small town where I am a racial minority. I didn't know anyone and I moved here because I received a job offer. I was a single mother at the time and it was a great opportunity to get back on my feet financially. It was a great decision because I met my wonderful husband and went on to repair my finances, buy a house for the first time, and have a beautiful baby boy. My best friend is my husband and I love him more and more each day.

But, I have no church home and I have no other friends besides my husband. Sometimes there are times I just need a gf to talk to about "women" stuff. I'm a bit shy with reaching out to other women because I fear rejection because I'm a racial minority in my town. My husband doesn't like to go out with other couples, he just likes to stay at home, so I don't have a chance to talk to any of his friend's wives. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can form friendships with other women?

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Christina - posted on 08/27/2010




Thank you for the replies.

Thank you, Amy for the suggestion. I logged onto mops.org and found some groups/churches that I will look into.

Going to lock/close the post since I found the information/help I'm looking for. Thanks ladies!

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pray for friends! God says He gives you the desires of your heart if only you ask! and friends are no exception! not only that, you say you have a son... depending on how old he is, your neighbourhood will have a mothers group or something like that. even rural towns have them. check out your community center or call up the local council to find out when and where its held. these are good because you can go, but there are a bunch of women there, your not obligated to go regularly, or to develop close relationships with ppl straight away. its a good way to see how the ladies around you are. You might just meet a nice Christian woman you connect with.

Why dont you have a church home? are there no churches near you? or are you too afraid to go? or have you tried some and given up? If theres not one nearby, find out where the very nearest one is, even if its 2 hours away, and call them and ask if they know of any home churches or bible studies up your way. they might know some ppl who make the drive to there church that they can connect you with, you could carpool every sunday with them, or you could start something with them in your suburb and advertise on local boards. churches are full of women :-) your missing out if your not committed to one! If your afraid of racial discrimination, just try it out! You are probably worried about something that is no issue at all. these days theres not really a huge amount of racism in many communities. yes, some, but not as many as you would think. step out and take a chance! If you just be yourself, and be friendly, decent people will see past colour to the heart.

also, ask your husband if he would be comfortable having a bible study in your home, you could start something yourself. you can advertise in your local newspaper, local community billboard and shopping center something like "CHRISTIAN LADIES BIBLE STUDY, If you are interested in coming together once a week or even once a fortnight to do a bible study and make new friends, call *insert number here* and lets talk!" or whatever thats just an example. even if you only get one or two calls, you can go have coffee with them and who knows where it will go from there!

cover all your endeavours in prayer, seek His wisdom, He will show you new and creative ways to make good Christian friends :-)

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I used to go to mothers of preschoolers and loved it. WWW.mothersofpreschoolers.org or www.mops.org and the website can tell you a nearest one near you. It is a christian based group and you have alot of fun. My group met twice a month. I live in West Reading PA. I am not sure where you live. Look also under communities and see if there is a state that you live in. I belong to a community called Berks County Moms and also Pennsyvania Moms. Which is neat. You get to meet other Moms in your area. Hope this helps.

Shani - posted on 08/26/2010




Hi Christina
You can always talk to your husband about inviting his friends and their wives over for dinner or coffee. It's never easy to make new friends but it is so important to have them. They can keep you sane especially if you don't have family living close by. Otherwise you can always try meeting people at church.

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