Has anybody had a hard time getting pregnant maybe took years to finally become pregnant or is still trying?

Claudia - posted on 12/15/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




So I was just wondering if there are Christian moms out there who took years to get pregnant or who are stil trying? And if God has healed any of you and made you fertile?

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Brittany - posted on 12/16/2011




It took my husband and I 3 years to get pregnant and then I miscarried. And then it took another 2 years to have my son who was born at 24 weeks and we almost lost many times But now Im pregnant again and almost full term. It took another 2 years to get pregnant this time but we werent really trying this time. So I believe God healed what ever was wrong with me for sure.

Rebekah - posted on 12/15/2011




Yes! Took me 5 years with Jordan and both my husband and I were both told we'd never have kids. I finally couldn't take the words and accept it as "truth". I ended up pregnant in 4 years, but I miscarried, complete devastation, but God gave me a vision and I kept believing in the promise of God and I spoke forth that I would pregnant before the end of the next year. Every month went by, but I kept believing... December 28th, I read pregnant on a test! We're trying again and it's taking awhile, but I know God has the perfect timing for us. I will again stand on His promises and believe nothing is impossible with God!

Carla - posted on 12/15/2011




My family is loaded with 'em, Claudia! My mom and dad were told they would never get pregnant. Kathryn Kuhlman (a great minister back in the 40s) prayed for my mom, and blam! She had 5! Both my daughters went through fertility and IVF treatments. One daughter ended up with two children, one youngest adopted. All these scenarios were God's will, I believe. Our youngest suffered terribly. They finally decided to adopt, so she and her husband went to an agency. Now we know that these things take time, and they were prepared for YEARS of waiting. So they put their profiles in 'the book' for the birth mothers to look at and went home. Later that week (Thurs) they got a call from the agency. A young woman and her mother came in to look through the book of profiles. The book opened to Randi and Steve's profile! The young woman read it, pointed and said 'these are the people I want!' She was due in two months, so we started putting together a nursery, getting clothes, etc. As a matter of fact, I was in a store buying things (that Saturday) when my daughter called me and said 'she's gone into labor, we're taking off to the hospital!' They got there in time to see their little son as soon as he was born. But the story gets better--- 11 months later they get a call from the birth grama asking them if they were take yet another baby, this time a little girl. Two weeks later, they brought their baby girl home. My kids were able to help a young woman who's life wasn't put together, and she, in turn, gave them precious gifts. We couldn't possibly love these children any more than if they were 'blood'.

God has ways that are beyond our thoughts for us. WE get the idea that if we don't conceive there's something wrong with us or God doesn't love us. We have seen more love and compassion from Him through this adoption process than most people see from having their own child. These are just my thoughts, food for further thought. Pray for God's will, honey, whatever way He takes you, it will be the right thing for you.

God bless, hon

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