Hello, my name is Kelley. I have an 8 yr.old daughter who is autistic and just asking for prayers for her and myself. My husband is a pastor and you would think I could handle this and i do for the most part but some days I am just so overwhelmed/emotional and just feel like I cant go anymore.


Anne - posted on 08/10/2011




I would consider it a Privilege to Pray for you and your family!

I would think that the added responsibilities of being a "Pastor's Wife" would be a GOOD REASON why you need extra Prayer Support EVERY DAY! I know that our Pastor's Wife is a very busy lady and her being able to "Handle" things makes a big difference with Our Pastor's Ministry. I have to believe that you have days when you just need to Extra Prayer Support of other Christian Mom's. I know you LOVE YOUR DAUGHTER!!! BUT like all mom's there are days when we get overwhelmed/emotional, how much more so with ALL of Your Extra Responsibilities.

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KELLEY - posted on 08/10/2011




Thank you so much Mrs. Watkins for the encouragement and most of all your prayers for me and my family. I will say a special prayer for you also. God Bless You

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