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I am home-schooling my pre-schooler, and I am having a hard time finding a cheap curriculum that will prepare her for kindergarden. She is able to spell her name and count to 47, with a couple of mistakes, and she also knows most of her upper and lower case letters. I just want to make it fun and exciting!


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Their are some Leap Frog DVDs that are really good. Also, you might want to try and find out what your local school system teaches in kindergarten. It could help you better with knowing what to work on now. I am related to a kindergarten teacher and she says it is really hard when kids do not know phonics. Every school system is different in what they teach and a local teacher would probably be happy to point you in the right direction.

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One of the most important things about the pre-school years, as you mentioned, is getting ready for "school". You really don't "need" a curriculum to do this.

Before a child is developmentally ready to hold a pencil to paper and write on a regular basis (small motor development), they need to master gross or large motor movements.

One of the best things you can do for your child is encourage them in physical play- skipping, galloping, throwing a ball, catching items like balloons (balls are harder, and scarves are easier because they "hang" in the air longer, giving your child time to track the item with their eyes and coordinate the catch with their hands.)

Activities like playing music and giving your child PVC pipe "sticks" to hit against one another in time to the music, then add the activity of walking while keeping rythym with sticks- using lots of different kinds of music- fast, slow, different cultures, etc.

Before expecting your child to write letters with crayons or pencil, give them lengths of yarn to shape the letters on the floor. Make bread dough and let her make letters and then bake them.

But remember that one of the greatest blessings of home schooling is that your child can learn and grow at her own pace and that this is not a "sprint" event.

Resist the urge to compare your child's academic successes with the children of other parents. The first child to write a complete sentence is not necessarily the smartest, the most disciplined, or the most successful in life (define that as you will...).

Better that your child enjoy the experience of learning and discovery...


Enjoy the wonderful adventure ahead of you- it goes fast! =D


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My little sisters were homeschooled early on and I was homeschooled from 7th grade to graduation. We didn't like the Abeka curriculum much.

My mom did things like teaching ABC's with jello (putting the powder on a paper plate and letting them trace the letters with their finger), read a variety of books (including non-fiction with lots of pictures, like books on frogs or whatever), let them pick out books that interested them, flash cards, basic math booklets with big numbers and lined spaces to work on the problem and some pictures (these were really inexpensive and from a local homeschooling store or one of the homeschooling curriculum magazines)... um, that's all I can think of for right now!

Basically, find out what a child should be mastering at that grade level and then set goals from there. Learn about learning styles and then find things that will fit your child's learning style best. There are a lot of resources at the libraries to help you with this. And, are you part of a homeschooling group? That is a FANTASTIC resource and support for you.

Best of luck! Homeschooling is a blast! I look forward to start homeschooling for preschool next fall, when my son is three. :)

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With both of my oldest I just bought cheap workbooks from Walmart for the preschool level. With my oldest by the time he was at the end of the year last year, I even bought him a couple of kindergarten level books.

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My mom gets a lot of her books for the younger kids just from Wal-mart or from Barnes & Noble, you don't have to get the fancy or expensive stuff to teach little ones, ESPECIALLY when you're being such an awesome mom and getting to teach her 1-on-1!! Good luck!!!!

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there are free state funded home school programs out there. like Arizona Virtual Academy, Connections and many more. google them and you will be surprised with your results. I home school my 3 daughters with Arizona Virtual Academy and feel so blessed being able to do so.

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Thanks for all these post it was great help. I am in the same boat trying to teach my daughter these things, she is a little stuborn but we are getting there. I will start her home school program K12, next year it is a public school you do from home. They even send a computer and the supplies. www.k12.com , you can check it out I know families using it and they all recommend it.

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My son likes Starfall.com It does letters and some other things. You can also print out pages for coloring and letter practicing. It may be a little young for your daughter, but you can give it a try.

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I'm a home schooling mom myself. I didn't use a specific curriculum the first year I did it. Just be creative. Do google and you find plenty. I tryed Spectrum as well when I was getting started. I now use ACE(accelerated Christian education). We love it. I do know that in my state to leave kindergarten they have to be able to read. So get the books from the library wih just a few words per page. Don't give up. It has rewarded my husband and I so much by home schooling our girls.

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Great question. Great answers. I have a 10 month old but I have been thinking about whether to homeschool or put our son in the local Ukrainian school system. This gives me some ideas. Thanks for the posts gals.

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If you go online and google search "free homeschooling curriculum for preschoolers" you may be able to find some stuff. I would go to barnes and noble, they have a really neat section of learning materials and workbooks.

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There are workbooks for like $9.99 at Walmart that work just fine. I presonally thing Abeka's preschool cirr is boring, especially if she already knows her letters and numbers. I agree with the early posts, you've covered the acedemics that she needs to know already. Kumon has some great cutting and pasting books, mazes, connect the dots are good. I would focus more on hand eye corrdination, preschool crafts, physical abilities- jump on one foot, roll and catch a ball, etc. And exactly- READ READ READ. Not just Dr Seaus. Checkout Sonlight homeschool cirr. I never buy it but I always print out the list of reading books and those are the ones I get at the library. I figure if they are good enough for a cirriculum, they're excellent extra reading books. Many maybe chapter books, but they are wonderful!!!

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as a mother of children in school I will tell you that knowing their abc's and other such book stuff isn't all that important going into Kindergarten. in kindergarten they spend the entire school year learning the ABC's. I would say the most important thing you can do in that area is to read to your kids. but to prepare them for school the most important thing you can do is socialize! Your child needs to know how to get along with others. How to use the bathroom on their own, how to wash hands, how to cover coughs, how to stand in line, and how to behave safely with others. Those are the most important skills, because those will help them stay safe and make friends.
my children started pre-school knowing their ABCs, and went on to kindergarten with the ability to count to 100+ and all that did was make them SUPER BORED!!! they already knew everything!! now one of my children is in Gifted and Talented because he's so advanced, but it took them 4 years to get him into it! He's a 3rd grader now.

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Not sure if this helps or not as I'm just looking into it myself for my 3yr. old son but some one shared with me abeka. This is a copy of the email she sent me: We use A Beka Books. Their website is abeka.com. Caleb really likes the books. I think I spent about $20. I don’t remember. It depends what you buy. If you buy all the teacher’s charts and games, it gets pricey. I just buy the student books. I got the number book, the letter book, and the craft book. They have all done fine without having the extra stuff. You can teach them using those books. We don’t always buy the craft book if we can’t afford it. They like the crafts, but you can find stuff free online too. : I hope this helps you. God Bless!

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