How can you tell if your child has a lactose intolerance? Or is sensitive to Milk and milk products

Elizabeth - posted on 06/30/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




We switched my son to whole milk after his first b-day and he seemed to have diarrhea. So, I noticed we are back to looser stools pushing what looks like diarrhea. I really don't want to put him on Soy. I am really not sure what to do. Any suggestions?...


Joanne - posted on 06/30/2010




it's pretty simple. You wouldn't feed a calf human breast milk-right? Of course not! And humans are just not equipped to digest cow's milk. In our family, we limit our dairy intake. My youngest son started drinking soymilk as soon as he turned one and he is a healthy, happy 7 year old. Hope this helps-God Bless your baby boy!

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Elizabeth - posted on 07/03/2010




I meant to say we had switched him to Lactaid and for a while he was having hard stools. But, not anymore. I have also noticed a difference with taking out cheeses and yogurt...any extra dairy. He is still having really loose stools. He has always been a gassy baby.. :0) SHouldn't he be having harder stools by now? He is almost 14 months. I forgot to mention my Dr. ok'ed us for Soy and that Next Step formula stuff... although she didn't mention the Lactaid ...and I am not sure why. I am just not ok with either Soy or Next Step. I suppose I need to go back to the Dr.

Vui Hin - posted on 07/03/2010




yoghurt will do suitable for lactose intolerance. Meanwhile sincerely pray about it, seeking God's wisdom and always pray before and after mealtimes.....I still feel no matter what happen, we still have to fall back onto our creator, God our Almgihty. Jehovah Rapha, God our Healer.

Cindy - posted on 07/01/2010




Both of my daughters and myself have problems with milk. So does my youngest son. The only way we determined that it was the milk is that we took them totally off milk and milk products for 7-10 days and then put them back on and watched all the symptoms they had before come back. This is what our doctor had as do. My son and his wife just did this with my grandson and the same thing happened but now days, compared to when my kids were little, there are a lot of different things you can try. My grandson loves almond milk-didn't even know there was such a thing- and it doesn't bother him like milk does. So my suggestion is that you take him off ALL milk product for 7-10 days and see if the symptoms go away and then put him back on it and see what happens.

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A lot of mucous problems, snot all the time, inner ear infections, maybe candida-yeast problems....
I have raised 3 vegan children on soymilk, it is perfectly healthy. Soymilk contains a plant estrogen, not the same a human hormones. Good source of protein and enriched with Vit. b12 and D.

Amy - posted on 07/01/2010




we had this problem with our 2 1/2 year old as a child with formula and with regular milk until she stopped bottles. i would try Lactaid. our daughter had a problem with soy milk as well. Lactaid was the only thing she could have. i don't know if she outgrew it or if it's just because she doesn't have it in such a high quantity now, but she can have regular milk now. when she was a baby she actually had blood in her stools from the regular formula, it was awful until we found the right thing. Praying for your child!

Cheryl - posted on 06/30/2010




There are lots of other alt than just soy. Does he eat yogurt, cheeses, icecream without problems??? If it's just drinking milk that has changed, try goat's milk. I also recommend almond milk but it taste's quite a bit different, the goat's still the same taste as cow's.
If it continues, you could do an alergy test at the doctor's. But I'd do an elimination diet trial- it's usually pretty clear, pretty quick what's triggering the problems. Then you don;t have to do the shots at the doctors.

Tracye - posted on 06/30/2010




My second child was lactose intolerant, and had allergies to milk, and I found out the hard way. I was burping her, and she spit up like the exorcist all the way across the room, covering my little sister from head to toe with baby spew. It is so funny now, but it wasn't then. They can also suffer colic at a very young age, if there is a lactose issue. I know that Hilary was always extremely gassy, and would cry for hours, with stomach pains. Don't give him soy, unless a Dr. recommends it. Try powdered milk, or Carnation Good Start. If the stools go back to normal, I would discuss this with you pediatrician, and make sure that they approve the whole milk. Keep in mind, that sometimes, until the body adjusts to something new, about 6-8 weeks, you will see runny, lighter colored stools, or even mild constipation.

Anne - posted on 06/30/2010




Hi it is a little hard for a mom to figure it out is the child is really young. But if you are Beast feeding, if you eat or drink a lot of dairy products, Milk or cheese, does your baby cry with gas, some times your baby will get the runs.

In an older child that can talk they may complain of a stomach ache when they eat or drink dairy products. They can be gassy and also have the runs. Our oldest daughter is 26 and still can not drink more than an ounce or two of cows mild at a time. Some times ice cream or yogurt is o.k. Greek yogurt does not brother her as much. If you do not want to go the soy route you could try goats milk. But either way you may want to check with your health care professional.

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