How do you deal with your child’s tantrums?

Anna - posted on 02/16/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




All parents of small children know the joys of temper tantrums. They are screaming, crying, kicking, hitting spells, that usually occur when a child is over tired or over indulged. Temper tantrums usually happen at home, but they can happen in public just as easily. If you are at a store and your toddler throws a tantrum, what do you do?

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Frances - posted on 02/24/2012




If I were in a store, I suppose I would just leave. Fortunately, my girls had almost all of their tantrums at home. I never did find a method that worked for them. I tried discipline, and that made no difference. I tried putting them in their bed and ignoring them, and they still screamed. Usually my toddler's tantrums lasted two hours. So, if I put them in their room and occasionally checked on them, they still screamed for two hours. Walking away did not cause them to stop.

Carla - posted on 02/22/2012




Amen, Rebekah! Faithy got her's right in the front of the store where the whole world could see! She hasn't thrown another tantrum since!

Rebekah - posted on 02/22/2012




Every place has a "corner" - I use them. My son didn't believe me that a "time out" could happen anywhere, until the first time I used one in a Walmart. Needless to say, he never throws a tantrum in a store anymore - he cried and whimpered the whole time in the corner and I could tell he was embarrassed. But it worked!

Kelsey - posted on 02/21/2012




If I am fortunate enough to have my husband with me, he will take the child and go to the car. Whether they come back in is up to the two of them.

Most times, he is not with me. So before my 4 yr and 2 yr olds get out of the car, we go over the rules. If they break the rules, they will get a verbal reminder first and then if it happens again I tell them we will deal with it at home, and they know I mean it.

I've been told to leave the store all together, no matter what, but I can't do it because it simply is not economical for us. I rarely have problems with my girls, they know what is expected of them before we enter the store.

Anne - posted on 02/18/2012




Our daughter are adults now, but when they were young I would count to three and if they had not settled down I would take them to the bathroom and remind them of the behavior I had explained I expected before we left home. Most of the time they calmed down but if they did not I would give them ONE SWAT with an OPEN HAND on their COVERED thigh. If this did not help we would leave or if I had to complete the shopping I let them cry it out. But I NEVER gave them what they were crying for.

Now one time when we were School Shopping for the last couple of things that were on sale, within our budget, and something they had asked for, my oldest daughter told me I was Cheap because I would not pay more for something that was not on sale than for a similar item that was on sale. I by GODS GRACE I told her we were done School Shopping and she would not be getting any other cloths until her Birthday. Her birthdate is two days after Christmas, so needless to say She NEVER told me that ever again.

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