How do you truly be the wife God has called you to be when your heart is saying


Gloria - posted on 07/17/2009




I know in a marriage things aren't always fair, at times ill words are spoken, anger springs up from either side and it causes havoc!!! right now you may be in that sense of I really cut out for this? how much more of this am I willing to stand? etc. "remember if God brings you to it, He's more than willing to bring you through it"
Stay encouraged my Sis. God knows what He's doing in your life, and in your marriage,
"You are more than a conqueror"
"You are blessed and highly favored"
"No weapon formed against you shall prosper"
"Greater is He who is in you than he whos in the world"

Anne - posted on 07/17/2009




Hi Joanna, I am not sure which direction your post is going, but I am going to take a chance and respond.

My husband will be married 30 years on Dec. 29, 2009. Early on in our marriage I wondered if I had made a mistake in marring my husband. Yes I loved him BUT I soon found out he was not perfect and he rally did not treat me like the glass slipper my daddy had all my life. Yes the painful truth was I was a "daddies little girl" and guess what daddies little girls did not make any better wife than mommies boys did husbands. I bought Stormy Omartien's book the Power of a Praying Wife thinking now I can fix my husband and all will be well with my world. WELL the first chapter talked about changing ME!

Thankfully my husband and I managed to get through those first years. NO my husband was not perfect either. It took about 15 years before I would really get what it meant to be a Christian Wife. Am I now perfect? Far from it but now I am much quicker to ask God for Forgiveness and then my Husband. Today I am happily married to a wonderful Godly man. Our Secret? We Love God first and more than we love each other. On the surface it does not sound very romantic. In reality it is the "Happily Ever After" every little girl dreams of.

Carrie - posted on 07/17/2009




He will provide you will all that you need to forgive and love like He created you to. With lots of faith and prayer He will guide your way. Stay in the word and seek encouragement from a "mentor wife/woman"

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Heather - posted on 07/18/2009




There is a 30 day husband encouragement challenge by Nancy Leigh DeMoss that I went through. It was full of ways to encourage your husband. The website is Love is a choice. Choose to look at your husband in love and your heart will follow. You could also try the Love Dare book. You can get it at any Christian Book store or order it online.

Gloria - posted on 07/18/2009




Thank you hon, and I pray the same for you and your entire family :) stay blessed!

Joanna - posted on 07/17/2009




Thank you for your words of wisdom and experience. They along with the word of GOD was exactly what I needed. I truly appreciate this in ways that you'll never really know. May the Lord bless the three of you and your families with the blessings of the Lord that make you rich and add NO sorrow. In Jesus' name I pray this for you and your families.

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