I'm concerned about something I've noticed on here.

Shatoyia - posted on 04/13/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




I've noticed that certain conversations get closed so that no further discussion can take place. I'm confused. If the adminstrators have a different view on an issue is that issue closed to further comments for that reason? I understand if someone is verbally attacking others but I haven't seen that on any of the posts that were closed. If people have different views does that mean the conversation is deemed an argument? Shouldn't we be able to search the scriptures for truth together?


Carla - posted on 04/13/2012




As Anne's Co-Moderator, I, too, will close a thread, but I first ask the person who started it if they are satisfied with the advice they got, and I will wait a week or so, but if they don't respond, I close it. I, like Anne, have posted prayer requests for a specific event ie: surgery, death, etc., but once things are better, I close it. So many women have urgent requests, and I don't want my post over my brother's surgery six months ago to push their posts off the first page.

We are not a debating community. We are here to offer advice, encouragement, compassion and prayer. Sometimes someone will post a thread that seems to bring out the worst in us (and I am to blame as much as anyone else), and we get into heated discussions--I do not feel this is glorifying to the Lord. Each of us has our own opinions, and once given, we should allow others to give theirs. We have had several women leave our community in tears because of comments--this should not be. We are Jesus' message to others. We keep a close monitor on these discussions, and close, when needed. NO ONE should feel picked on or condemned by women who name the Name of Christ. Anne, Victoria, the Administrator and I try our level best to make this a safe haven for all. I pray it always will be.

God bless, sweetheart

Kaitlin - posted on 04/13/2012




I've noticed that too. Here, and on a few other boards, specifically the debating/political boards, they get closed when one or more people disagrees with the general public.

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Carla - posted on 04/14/2012




Me, too, Angela, but, like you, I am getting better ;)

I saw that you had posted on another Christian community that this was a really old post and should be closed--maybe the moderator is busy or something. Both Anne and Victoria work full time, but I have time to check a couple times a day to see what's going on. I love our community, we try very hard to watch for posts that can potentially become a land mine, or way old. Some I have deliberately left open, as there seems to be renewed interest in the subject. But, like you say, if the child is over 2 years old, it probably can be closed ;)

God bless all, we are all human, but all trying to be better.

Angela - posted on 04/14/2012




Hi everyone, I think the problem arises sometimes when you're viewing a current thread and at the side you're given links to other Circle of Moms threads which may be similarly themed. So the reader may or may not put in a response to the current thread they're reading and then wander off to another thread about a similar topic where links are given. The other threads which have their links just to the right of the posts are on ALL forums within Circle of Moms and not just Christian Mommies.

Often when reaching the next thread, you might find it even more interesting than the first! And people might not notice that the thread in question is (for example) 3 years old! So they respond to it which brings it back up to the front page! I noticed that a thread which had been recently brought up to the first page amongst newer threads said that the lady posting was pregnant - but the thread was "old". I put in a response of my own saying that the pregnancy was now a child of around 2½ years old - and that it might be timely to close the thread to further responses!

If the Original Poster doesn't close a thread, then one of the Mods might do so for them but often they are left open and therefore there's always the possibility of new posts being added at a much later date.

As Anne said, once a thread has been closed, if you have something you feel is valid to add to the conversation, you can always start a fresh thread and even maybe put a link in to the previous one that got closed.

Finally - I'm one of those people who sometimes unwittingly adds a comment to an old thread, but I'm getting better and try & check dates now on the conversations I look at!

Anne - posted on 04/13/2012




Hi Shatoyia, and Katilin, my name is Anne Watkins, and I am one of the Moderators. In our community we close old Conversations. one of the reasos for doing this is because with so many conversations that are posted each month there is only so much Room on the first page. Most moms will not have the time to go to the second or third page of past conversations. One reason we do not delete the old conversations is because there is still valuable information in the older conversations. Another reason for closing a conversation is because if the information is out of date. In Dec. I went to Boston to helpful oldest daughter move from Boston to San Diego CA. I asked for Prayer for a safe trip and for my daughter and I to grow closer. When I got back I thanked every one for the Prayers, and related hoe God answered these Prayers. After about four days when no else responded, I closed the conversation so it was not responded to in a year or so. If you find a conversation that is closed and you have an opinion or can shed light on the subject feel free to start another conversation with the same subject. As you commented on the fact that some of these conversations that were closed did not have mean attidutes or nastyness in the conversation, I know if either of you do comment on a subject in a closed conversation that you will keep your comments kind. The third reason for closing a conversation is because the person that started the conversation closed. I know I mentioned the conversation I closed in December but anyone can close a conversation they start, not just the Administration Team. I know I was wordy I hope my response helped. I am sure there are many other moms that have wondered the. Something so thank you for asking the question.

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