If your husband works on Sunday mornings...

Amber - posted on 10/04/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Is it hard/overwhelming for you to go to morning church services on your own? My son is almost 5months old now and I don't feel this as much now but I wish my H could go to church with us. I don't have a home church right now so I'm not comfortable putting him in the nursery (if it has one), since I am a visitor. Does anyone have any thoughts or had similar experiences? Thanks!

Edit to above: I moved recently back home w/family and they don't go to church which makes it harder on me with no support where my H and I both went to church every Wed. and Sunday and were involved in all the church events...this is a big change for me and I miss church BADLY! I can't wait to find a new church so I can worship!

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Heather - posted on 10/06/2009




You could check out the area to see what other times services are offered. Could you go as a family on Sunday nights, Wednesday nights, or maybe even check out Saturday morning churches? The church we currently attend meets at 4pm Sunday afternoon. Then once you got to be comfortable at the church you might be able to start going on Sunday mornings without your husband. Also, maybe find a Bible study that you can attend. Fellowship is important in our walk with God.

Victoria - posted on 10/05/2009




Keep looking & find a church that you can call home. Get to know other mom's. if they have a Sunday evening service, maybe you & your hubby can attend that together. Where as going on a different day of the week might work out, it may not give you the opportunity to make it a home church as most regular attenders will attend on a Sunday & if you are looking to get to know them & make friendships, Fridays & Saturdays may not be so good. That would be more of a band-aid than a solution. Pray for your husbands job hours, that God will change them to allow you both to attend a service together. I'll keep you in prayer.

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try to find a church that has a saturday evening service or friday night service. let your husband be the spiritual leader of your household by giving him a night when he is able to go with you and the children.

April - posted on 10/04/2009




I used to take my children to church by myself, because my husband had not been going to church. I have 5 children-and I have a very difficult time some days! Is there anyone at the church you know? or could sit next to for help with the kids during service? our church doesnt have a nursery-they have expressed that they are thankful for us bringing all the children to church, no matter how noisy it can get!

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Try not to let having to go to church without your hubby stop you from going. I have gone to church without my hubby before and that includes getting both of our boys ready to go. I have never had an issue leaving them in the nursery though. Plenty of moms bring their babies in to service with them and if the baby begins to fuss they just step out. Most people are understanding about a mom bringing a baby into service and then possibly stepping out. It is better that you go and take your son in the service with you, rather than not go at all.

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