"Language Delay or A Common Childhood Problem?!" Middle Ear Infections.

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Children may be faced with different health challenges as they grow. Many kids struggle with Middle Ear Infections. These can cause pain, irritability, or temporary hearing loss. But treatment is available to ease symptoms.

What Are Middle Ear Infections? Middle ear infections occur when fluid gets trapped in the middle ear. Allergies, a cold, or the flu can cause this to happen. The trapped fluid may become infected. Middle ear infections may cuase no symptoms. Or, you child may have symptoms such as:
Fever, irritability, trouble sleeping, pulling on the ear or covering the ear with the hand, and Problems With Hearing!

Once my son got Tubes he was a whole New Kid! Tubes help restore hearing and prevent fluid buildup, and reduce the chance of infection! "The misdiagnosis of my Doctor was frusturating!
for 3yrs. of his life he had a Language Delay, all it was, a Hearing Problem!"

My kid is playing ketch up on alot of thing's, but all I can say is I'm not worried that my child is Autistic or different anymore, he's a good kid. So, when my Doctor told me my parenting was wrong and I was not strict enough. Guess what she had it all wrong! "He can hear me now, so there for he listens to me now."

Thank you Lord for clearing up this Very Big Misunderstanding!

Good Luck to you moms out there that might be struggling with the same thing.
God Bless...

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Heather - posted on 04/05/2010




My son went through something similar when he was littler... Tubes make a big difference!!

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