Looking into different Homeschooling curr.

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Hi I'm new to the circle. I have a 3, 2, & 8mo. old boys. I know it is early but I want to homeschool them and was wondering what was a good program. And are all good programs this expencive?

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You don't have to stick to a set curriculum across the board.

You can pick what you like from numerous curriculums.

Sometimes curriculums are strong in some areas and are weak in other areas.

And there are curriculum companies that do just one area, such as only Math, or only English. These can be very good because they focus on the best way to teach that particular subject, and you wouldn't teach math, english, science and social studies in the same way. They are so different!

For the early elementary we liked lifepac history, but we loved Saxon Math for all grades, and much preferred the Shurley English program to the Learning Langauge Arts Through Literature curriculum we had started with.

Check with other homeschool moms in your area, they may have curriculum their kids have aged out of that they can sell you at used book cost.

I have always felt that cost should not be the most important factor in choosing curriculum.

Check the other Christian mommies threads for other conversations re: homeschool curriculums for more good advice...

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You can also look in to a virtual public school/Charter school in your state. We have one that started last year and we have been involved both years. We love it. We do have to supplement bible with the curriculum because it is open to the public...and if there is anything we don't agree with (mostly literature) then we choose something else and tell the teacher. (There is a teacher of about 60 kids....you are the learning coach) She over sees the attendance and makes sure you are progressing nicely. We got a free computer too and all the curriculum for free. This type program keeps me on track and helps me to know I'm not skipping anything or leaving gaps. We love the fexibility still, but the accountability for me is wonderful. Our state starts at k5.

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You can purchase homeschooling products from your local schoolboard as well as at the bookstore. Chapters and Indigo have a pretty wide selection of homeschooling products including bible activities. I personally don't like to mix religion and education becuase a lot of what they need to know for school is contradictory to what the bible says on a literal level e.g. Theory of evolution in jr. high and high school your children will have to learn about this theory and about Charles Darwin if you try to mix it with the bible it might get them confused as to what to believe. I've looked at some of the public boards material (in Calgary, AB) and it looked really objective and to the point. If you call your local school board or the minister of education in your state/province they can provide you with sources that they feel are very worthwhile investing in.

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We use Christian Liberty Academy. I too thought they were expensive but they are cheaper then some. Plus they give you reusable books in every grade so you get a discount for your other kids. They will also work with you on the cost if you need to make payments. Their website is www.homeschools.org. Hope this helps.

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