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Angela - posted on 02/20/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




Right, all the Forums on Circle of Moms have now been a little bit re-formatted and are now hosted by POPSUGAR.

I have no idea what exactly POPSUGAR is - but I believe they're sponsoring Christian Mommies, Christian Moms, Welcome to Circle of Moms and all the others on here that I visit.

I don't find Circle of Moms so easy to use these days - though I manage. Quite frankly, I don't like the new POPSUGAR set-up at all.

Anyone agree?


Carla - posted on 02/21/2013




I am with you guys! I wrote to the site admin, cuz whenever I tried getting on my communities, it showed all kinds of communities I did not belong to. They took care of it, but I STILL don't like what they've done!

Come on, you guys, why can't you leave well enough alone? lol

Liz - posted on 02/20/2013




I am with you on that! I am constantly "accidentally" clicking on some popup or on the wrong community. It seems like the page takes FOREVER to load (which, I realize, could be my internet connection - but I doubt it!). And it seems like the particular conversation that I'm reading takes a backseat in importance to all the ads on the page. I came on this site to get advice, not to buy St. Ive's lotion!

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Angela - posted on 02/21/2013




It's because it's a "FREE" chat forum and nothing in life is really free, I suppose! A bit like FaceBook and free e-mail ... someone has to pay for it so they have adverts swamping everything. The adverts are more prevalent now on Circle of Moms because I daresay that beforehand there was less response to them. Now POPSUGAR have taken over they are instigating a more aggressive campaign to expose CoM users to adverts. Basically, I reckon that over 99% of users will ignore adverts (or at least not respond in any way or spend any money). Whatever is being marketed, there's usually a cheaper, easier way to obtain the goods anyhow. for the less than 1% who WILL respond to Internet advertising, they obviously feel that a more aggressive campaign will get them to spend more!

I DO spend online - but I'm careful to research and explore what's on offer! Why do I spend online? Because I live in a small town and I sometimes have retail needs that would be impossible to satisfy in the retail outlets and stores available - even those further afield in surrounding towns & cities. I could look forever in a million shops to find some special unusual item I'd thought of for a special gift for some person but I can usually find it pretty swiftly via the internet. Just LOVE Amazon & e-Bay!! But I'm never going to respond to silly pop-up adverts on FaceBook, CoM or my web-based e-mail account!

So I understand exactly why the POPSUGAR sponsorship is "necessary" - but I don't have to like it!!

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