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I haven't written any posts yet, so I hope it is OK that I ask for prayer.

I was sexually and emotionally abused when I was a child, and it has left many emotional and physical scars. We also had a stillborn son in 1998.

The last 4 months have been a nightmare for our family. I have been hospitalized 5 times since November for anxiety and depression. The Drs. have tried several medications, doses, etc. Tonight I am supposed to try a new anxiety medication, which means that I will have to wean off of my current anxiety medication, which is scary to me. I also have several health problems that require medication. I have a few Dr. appointments coming up to see if they are missing anything. I would like prayer for the Lord to guide me and have me on the right meds, doses, etc. so that I can move on with my life!! The anxiety is awful and so hard for me to deal with. Also, I got an infection from being in the hospital, so I would appreciate prayers that it gets healed quickly and no one else in the family gets it.

I feel like my whole world is falling apart. I'm so tired of tears, anxiety, depression, financial problems, marriage problems, kid problems, etc. etc. It's too much! I am overwhelmed and have even been suicidal at times. I know that is not what the Lord wants for me, so I pray that those thoughts go away. I really want my life back. I want to heal. I want a closer relationship with my husband and kids. I want to feel like a strong Mom and wife again. I don't want to be so afraid of is exhausting.

We need a breakthrough in the worst way!!!

God bless,

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Anne - posted on 03/06/2010




Christine I always count it a Privilege to Pray for other peoples needs. I can tell you from personal experience that God is bigger than the any Problems you have. Almost 14 years ago God healed me from fear and worry. I know He can heal you also. Sometimes God chooses to use Drs. and Medication to help in the healing. I will keep you in my Prayers.

My-Thuy - posted on 03/06/2010




I will pray for you and your family. I can't say that i can understand what your going through or what you are going through, but i can be understanding, if you ever need someone to just sit and talk to im always around. Im on here everyday. add me to your circle. Once i gave myself over to our LORD, i dont worry as much. I just allow myself to pray to Jesus and ask him to help me and my family, and, seriously every single time i ask for something, that i need not want, it is given to me. it may not be in the form i thought it was going to be, or right then and there, but it always happens. Keep your faith and know that your LORD loves you very dearly and wants to help you, keeps your eyes open for his messages and signs, sometimes even the smallest thing could be him reaching out to you

Denise - posted on 03/06/2010




I can relate to many of your situations. I too was sexually assaulted as a young girl, was a drug addict and a whore, a mother of two with a father who was my pimp, then a single mother, then diagnosed with a brain tumor and now dealing with breast cancer. But we serve a might good God. He does not give us more than we can bear! I will pray for you and your family. I will especially pray for your healing emotionally and physically. The reason those medications are not working is because God wants you to depend upon him for your healing and not the medications. Each time you defy the Will of God you pay the consequence. Take a look at the book of Job and how his belief and faith brought him through. In His Word God says "Trusting Me brings health to your navel and marrow to your bones" (Proverbs 3:8) and "I will restore health to you, and I willheal you of your wounds saith the Lord" (Jeremiah 30:17). Be blessed and know that your trials are to make you stronger and closer to the Lord and that you will become His vessel to spread the Word of how He is the one who should be lifted up.

Speak life into yourself-say that you are a strong mom and a wonderful wife. Say that you are not afraid of anything. Whatever your tongue say is what you speak into your life, SO SPEAK POSITIVE INTO YOUR OWN LIFE AND GOD WILL DO THE REST. Be Blessed and know that you are in my prayers!
Denise Robinson

Jia - posted on 03/06/2010




Praying for you, sis in christ! Be strong, by Holy Spirit in you, you are not alone! Pray and surrender to God, let Him guide you, heal you and strengthen you. He is our hope, and our future in His hands! If God is for us who can be against us?

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Asking for others to lift you up in prayer is ALWAYS ok! I am praying for you right now; praying God's richest blesses upon you and your family. Philippians 4:6 says "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God". Sometimes, especially in times of trials, that is very hard to do. If you don't already have a church, I encourage you to find one. Surround yourself and your family with other believers. They can offer support, counseling, and best of all...more prayer! Here's a verse that always helps me: "For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him." Phil 2:13. Right now, even if you don't feel it, God is working in you! Do not give up!

Amy - posted on 03/05/2010




My thoughts and prayers are with you Chris. I am so sorry you had to go through. My husband was abused verbally, mentally and physcally so it is harrible to see. I was just abused verbally and mentally and that is bad enough. There is alcoholics in my family and I go to alanon and it helps me so very much. The Lord will see you through the good times as well as the bad times. May the Lord wrap his loving arms around you and give you straingth. I am here if you need to talk. Just email me at cirle of moms.

Jeannie - posted on 03/04/2010




I will pray for you and your family. "Lean not on your own understanding" is what we are told. You don't have to understand why it's happening, when it will stop, how much you will have to endure or if your family will make it through ok. Alll you have to do is give it to the Lord, he will take care of it for you. This was my hardest lesson to learn, and sometimes it seems impossible to do but once I gave it to him the clouds started clearing. I will pray for you and your family, God knows what your dealing with, he is just waiting on you to COMPLETELY hand it over so he can take care of it. God Bless you dear! He is always by your side, just strike up a conversation.

Heather - posted on 03/04/2010




It is absolutely OK to post prayer requests! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to pray with you. God is good, and He is with you always. Keep looking to Him, and trust Him to bring you through this time. We serve a mighty God, and he can save you from your anxiety. I will pray for you!

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