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Hi! Im 27 years old and a SAHM for the most part I am employed again but just PRN. I have a 14 month old sweet baby boy that co-sleeps with us still due to night time nursing which we havent been able to wean him from yet... He has just recently started waking up again for the past 2 weeks about every 2 hours to nurse or take a bottle... we also are really wanting to wean him from the bottle as well but have not had much luck... he will take a sippy cup during the day & also eats quite a bit of solid foods but im soooo exhausted all the time and im staying constantly anxious.... I have recently started back on a low dose of prozac but due to me coming off of it on my own back in June, when i started it back its taking longer to get in my system again... I hate that i had to go back on my meds but i felt as though i had no other choice from my panic attacks i was having and i feel as though alot of it is from pure mental and physical exhaustion, im weak, low energy, not much of appetite, and im constantly trying to diagnose myself with some type of disease because im so tired... ive had thyroid surgery and only part of thyroid left due to hyperthryoidism and hot nodule, all is in normal range, all bloodowrk is normal so ive got to get myself straightened out because it makes it hard to keep up with a newly walking toddler... any advice on how to get him to sleep through the night and ways to cope with anxiety would be much appreciated. I am a christian and i have been trying to spend more time in prayer and reading inspirational books and the bible but im just feeling like ive hit a brick wall... Would also very much appreciate your prayers... I want to be the best mom and wife that i can be... my husband works sooo hard all day then comes home and i hate to stress him out from my worrying and anxiety...thanks


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I wrote about my experience with anxiety/panic attacks in another thread on here if you want to read about it.
Take a nap during the day when your son naps. Set yourself a regular sleep schedule, do not stay up too late, as this will mess with your adrenals and cause imbalances.
What you are describing sounds like adrenal fatigue, (which I had, same symptoms). Cut out caffeine, get lots of sleep, take Vit D, Magnesium, and lots of B vitamins.
If you can see a naturopath, I would highly recommend you get to one. Mine helped me greatly and put me on something temporarily to help with adrenal fatigue. You can also look online, under adrenal support/complex.
Try giving your son a sippy cup of pumped breastmilk or water when he wakes in the night. He may be waking because he is trying to get your milk supply up. My son slept through the night once I weaned him. It may be best for you to wean him, or pump during the day and transition him to just a sippy. Have you tried letting him sleep in his own bed? My son, (15 months), loves his bed. We used a co-sleeper with him that was next to our bed, and then transitioned him to his brothers' room in the same bed.
I know how scary it is to feel this way. Lean on the Lord and He will get you through this.

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It's so tiring when our little ones need us all night long! I think we've probably all been there. God knows that you need rest in order to be a good mommy and wife and He knows the absolute best way for you to get what you need and still parent your son well. Ask Him for wisdom. He will give it to you. Sometimes when I don't have any clue what to do, it helps to talk it over with my husband. Being more "big-picture" minded and not exhausted from breastfeeding and being pregnant, he can often easily solve what seemed like an insurmountable problem! Just a couple thoughts... Please feel free to take them or leave them since I don't know you or your son personally... Sometimes all it takes to get a child to sleep through the night is to put them in their own crib in their own room. Then they aren't disturbed by you and you aren't waking up every time they move a bit. If moving him at night is too much still, you might try easing him into it with naptimes. Sometimes, once they are in their own bed, if you let your baby cry for a few minutes, he will go back to sleep on his own. Also, if you can work it out with your husband, it is way better for him to go in and comfort baby than you for the first few days. Otherwise, he just will want to nurse. Anyway, like I said, just suggestions. I'm by no means an expert! But know that I am praying for you.

Carla - posted on 11/13/2010




Father, Emily needs help! You chose women to bear the children because of our immense capacity to love. You also gave us special tools to accomplish these tasks. We thank You for that! But interrupted sleep is like no sleep, and we ask that You touch this little one and bring peaceful sleep to him. We pray wisdom and knowledge to this family to honestly look at their situation. Is it time for a crib? Sometimes we just don't know, so we cry out to You for the answers. Bring peace to this household, bring sleep and calmness. Thank You in advance for answering, in Jesus' Name, amen

God bless, honey. Our little one didn't sleep the night through for over 18 months. I know the 'zombie zone' you are in!

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