Toilet Training Issues

Kat - posted on 10/17/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter 3yrs has shown intermittent interest in toilet training for a bit over 18months. About 6 weeks ago she was VERY interested in sitting on the toilet & wearing knickers. I had small treats for rewards for keeping dry etc. Double treats & a prize if she did a wee or poo. After a few days & a couple accidents she finally did a wee on the toilet. She got VERY emotional & cried her little eyes out. I gave her her prize which she loved & was wonderfully grateful & excited. The next day she did a wee on the potty & did the same very emotional cry afterwards. She hasn't really tried since. A couple of sits on the toilet or potty, but no real effort. I do not push her at all. I only have her do it when she asks. Occasionally I will ask her if she wants to give it a go this week & she says NO. And I'm like "That's Ok, whenever your ready".
Early this year or perhaps late last year she did do a tiny wee into the potty & she got all worked up "Clean clean clean clean" & was quite emotional then too.
I am very mindful not to put any pressure on her & create a massive fear in her.
Anyone had similar experiences? What have been the outcomes? How did you best handle this situation?

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Carla - posted on 10/20/2011




We trained both our grandbabies the same time, one 4 (boy), the other 3 (girl). My daughter bought them their favorite characters undies, Faith's were ruffly 'Princess' ones. We got a musical potty chair that made flushing sounds, and had at it. We took them every half hour and watched them closely for 'signs' of needing to potty. They had it down the first week, but we kept them another week to reinforce it. I had my oldest daughter trained by two, because I had her brother coming and didn't want two in diapers. Girls catch on much quicker than boys, especially if they know they have on beautiful underwear they don't want to soil.

Your daughter seems to be a neat freak, which is normal for her age and sex. If she is upset over making a mess in the toilet, she can understand it's better to put the mess in the potty which can be cleaned good as new, instead of her pretty underwear that may get stained.

All kids have to be potty trained at some point. The younger the better. Once she knows she can manipulate the situation, it will expand to other issues. Diapers are expensive. Once you get her trained, you will have LOTS of money left over to buy her pretty undies. Ya gotta put it at a level they understand. Pretty undies to show off to Grama and Daddy is a great incentive.

God bless, honey!

Linda - posted on 10/18/2011




Toilet training is hard! It's two steps forward, and one step back...though sometimes it seems like it is three steps back. I think you're doing a good job. Forcing the issue will backfire, so I would still keep it light. This requires a LOT of PATIENCE!!! My own kids only really were able to toilet train when I took of all their clothes from the waist down during the summer time. My husband wasn't so fond of this method, but it worked. The only other thing I can think of is some big reward that will appeal to her when she is fully toilet a special trip somewhere. Or perhaps big girl underwear will give her some motivation. Just keep trying....

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