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I am doing just great.send Michelle to horse camp for two week and it has help the both us and the kats a lt with claiming down,kats have been back their playing at night and some times in the daytime if Harry not in Michele's bedroom working to get in remold for her before she retun on friday late night.I feel so darn bad that I am not able to go in her room and help Harry work in the room...She call this morning and said she was home sick and that she run out of clean clothes.I ask her if she was able to wash them because I had packed two week worth of cloths for her.she was very quite over the phone this morning when she call me and their was no agurement with me when I told I was not able to drive 53 mile to bring more clean clothe's.Harry had all his skin cancer removed last week and is doing awesome..with hope its the last of the skin cancer for Harry..I hope that you all will have awesome weekend as well as awesome week.God Bless...

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Carla - posted on 07/17/2011




Thanks for the update, Teresa! It sounds like a little absence has made Michele's heart grow fonder ;) This may have been the best thing you could do for her. We all need a little reality check every now and then to find out what's really important. I pray she comes back with a new-found appreciation for you and Harry.

Take care of yourselves, stay in contact. God bless

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