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Please pray for my daughter! Gods Will be done in her life and the life's of her small children. She is 31 soon to be 32. God has brought her to the end of her ownself. She lost her first son to adoption (she signed over parental rights) too young to raise him.

2nd child was given over to biological father at 3yrs of age due to daughter's criminal activity. She is now 6. I am not allowed any congtact with either of them. Now she has a 2 yr old son that was removed from her about 3 months ago due to poor choices of men! She has done all that the state of oregon has requested her to do.

She goes to COURT on 12/15/09 to find out if JAMARI will be returned to her before Christmas. She spoke to her lawyer today and lawyer told her that the Physocologist that did the PYHC EVALUATION suggested that Jamelle go to TRANSISTIONAL HOUSING! Jamelle refuses to do that. She is afraid that she will not get any housing cause she has felonies on her record.

Please PRAY and INTERCEDE for her soul and the souls of her childrenj. PLEASE!!!!

God Bless you,

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Heather - posted on 12/15/2009




Kathleen, I just saw this, I know that the trial is over, and you know the outcome, but I will pray for God to bring your family through whatever the outcome was. Keep looking to him.

Love in Christ,

Susie - posted on 12/15/2009




As a Grandmother myself I can understand how you must feel. You legally do have rights call legal aid in your community for this. Your daughters problems should not affect your love for the children. I pray for you. As for your daughter I hope she is repentant for whatever she has done. I will pray for the Spirit to guide her back into the light, God's will will be done. ♥

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