We need to be the hands & feet of Jesus, but today, I am just tired

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As a single mom of a relentless & attached 14 yr old daughter, I'm tired today. Work was really tough this week, I've lacked some necessary sleep, & I'd like a moment to release. I "should" be working at a church program today. The same event that last year I spent the entire weekend preaching the gospel to our patrons at our city fair in 100 degree heat weather from Fri-Sun all night & day, but this weekend, I can't get myself to go. Am I wrong to feel this way? I would feel the Holy Spirit leading me to this project, wouldn't I?


Carla - posted on 06/05/2011




TealRose is correct. I just got through counseling another woman in the exact same position as you, and I will repeat the message: YOU CAN'T DO IT ALL!

Your first priority has GOT to be your daughter! You say she is 'attached', and I take that to be mom-speak for insecure. She needs your reassurance, your attention, your love. So many well-meaning people want to preach the Gospel, but neglect their children to do so. God does NOT want that! We need to be seriously praying to find out exactly what our mission is, then attack that with all our passion and power. Now I don't know if this ministry is what you are to be doing or not--only you and God know. But I do know women! We go and go and go, until we collapse in the floor, trying to figure out what happened!

I pray, first of all, for rest. Rest of mind and body. I pray for wisdom to understand God's Will for your life. I pray for peace, joy and love in your home, so your daughter will feel loved and nurtured. I pray for supernatural faith for you both, that you will get through this life victoriously.

God bless, sweetheart!

Rebekah - posted on 06/06/2011




Jesus rested, why should we be any different? Sometimes I think we as Christians take things to the extreme and think if I don't do it, I'm not doing enough... it's not true! Actually, you can "DO" so much, that you burn yourself out... and you know what?! God never intended for ministry to be that way. It's OK to rest.

TealRose - posted on 06/04/2011




Sometimes.. parents ARE tired... and we can't always do exactly what we think we 'ought' to do. Perhaps .. the Holy Spirit agrees.. and needs you to rest too? I wouldn't put it past God, would you ? After all, if YOU are overtired and unable to go on looking after your daughter etc that wouldn't be a good thing ... for her .. or for you. God does work in mysterious ways... perhaps .. it is someone ELSE'S turn to work at the church program .. for their sake ?? God Bless XX

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TealRose - posted on 06/05/2011




And I agree again Carla .. See it's a bit like what I was taught at First Aid in the Red Cross - first .. you HAVE to make sure YOU are safe and ok, because if YOU aren't .. you haven't a hope of helping anyone else. In fact .. if you push so much YOU fall sick, you put yourself in that bad place, and your daughter too .. REST .. you obviously need it ... Take time to smell the flowers, see the sea if you can .. the outdoors .. all of God's beauty .. release all of that tension ... and go back refreshed, but remember not to make yourself so tired in future if you can possibly help it.

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