What does "Train Up Your Child" mean to you?

Tina - posted on 02/25/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




I'm discovering this means a whole lot more than I ever thought it meant!!! I never realized just how involved being a parent was! I find myself sometimes overwhelmed with the responsibility of raising these children to be Godly men and women. My whole heart desire is to raise them to follow hard after Jesus.... every thing else in my mind is nothing in comparison. I worry I fall very very short! And that my "training" is not good enough to keep them on the path into adult hood.

So since my discovering of this revelation is new and that Training up a child is more than food, clothing and behaving well with a now and then conversation of Jesus, I am wondering what some of you moms take it to mean and how you Train your child up in the way they should go!

Thanks and blessings!!! =)


Victoria - posted on 02/28/2011




Training a child, teaching a child. I believe starts with disciplining myself, living and being sold out to God myself, leading by example. As I stand firm in the life God wants me to lead, spending time daily before God, in his word, adhering to his commands and walking in his promises. As I do this, not just willingly, but wantingly, then I am showing my children, leading by example, raising them in a way that they can see. I'm not just telling them, but I'm showing them how to be sold out to God, I'm showing them how to stand firm, how to hear from God & how to go forth in the confidence of Christ.

To me this is training a child up in the way they should go, then if we (my hubby & I) are living for God daily, they will be too, which means when they get older, they won't depart from it as it will already be their way of living.

Kari - posted on 02/27/2011




I just started reading Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp. Excellent and Biblically sound! It applies well to young toddlers and up. It is probably the most thorough and well-explained information I have read regarding the meaning of "the rod" and the common misconceptions in today's society regarding those Scriptures. I started to read his other book, Instructing a Child's Heart, but realized it didn't apply to my 18-month-old, because it requires a child who is old enough to comprehend more complex verbal information. However, the Instructing book is also excellent, and the author emphasizes that correction and discipline is not about changing behavior; it is about changing the heart. I'm not sure why that was so profound to me, but it was! Society in general is so focused on outward behavior, it does not take into consideration the soul of a child. As a Christian parent, that should be my main focus! I really like the examples of conversations one can have with one's child in the midst of discipline, correction and instruction. In general, this author is careful to keep advice Biblical, and I appreciate that. He repeatedly mentions that a Christian parent is raising a child to respect God's authority, not just the parents' authority. What a great reminder! There was one criticism he made regarding a parenting technique that is common today, and I did not agree with him on that. However, I read at least the first half of the book and was so impressed, I was marking up the book to remind myself to reread certain points! As my child gets older, I will definitely revisit this book!

Tanya - posted on 02/25/2011




I agree this is a very big responsibilty, to raise a child to walk the straight and narrow path. I never realized this either, it's almost impossible to prepare for without the help of God. I think it's important to keep in mind that we all fall short of being "good" parents and we wont be perfect. But, thats okay because God forgives us when we repent of our short fallings. What really matters is what your heart desires. I think train up your child means that we are to talk and teach our children about God. I find that the book Right from the start by Shirley Morgenthaler is quit helpful in helping children in there faith development! I hope this helps. God's Blessings to you!!

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Carla - posted on 02/28/2011




To me, training your child starts at birth, and ends at death. No matter how old your child gets to be, you are always going to be older, and will therefore always have a wealth of experience and wisdom to pass on---providing you are in Jesus. Training them means, in childhood, showing them constantly God's creation--the birds, the flowers, people, all these things God made. Obeying--why do we obey? We do NOT discipline children because they bug us--we discipline them so they will grow up to be obedient to God, and good citizens. When they are older, we tell them the more meatier things of God--why we stay married instead of running from #1 to #2, etc., why we work hard to support our family, why we give to our church and missionaries, why we volunteer for our community, why we don't live to keep up with the Jones', and on and on. We tell them to find out early what God has for them to do, then do it with all their heart, then to tell their friends and neighbors--all this we do, so they will, in turn, teach these things to their children, and it goes round and round in this beautiful Godly cycle.

We were put on this earth for so much more than just eating, drinking and being merry. We were put on earth to worship God and pass Him around so others can inherit the good things of Heaven. I love it!

God bless, honey, enjoy the ride!

Judy - posted on 02/27/2011




It is the foundation that on which a life is built. The way your child will respond in various situations, their attitudes toward well....everything... (money, politics, religion, society, friends you name it...), their ability to cope, and the kind of adult they will be are all built on that foundation. Yes it is overwhelming when you think of the whole foundation. But remember even a foundation is one brick at a time. Concentrate on the bricks and the walls will build on their own!

Heather - posted on 02/26/2011




There are so many different things that verse could mean. I read a book (with multiple authors) once that gave it 4 different meanings! I was also given a book by a friend that talks about training them according to their natural bent. To encourage them to be who God made them, but to teach them to use themselves to glorify God. I haven't finished it yet, but it's called "Different Children, Different Needs"

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