where can i buy good kids furniture but not very exspensive

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Angela - posted on 03/08/2012




Yes, I would agree with the others who say buy decent quality stuff 2nd hand. I've obtained some nice pieces that way - not just children's furniture.

I'm British so not sure of the best sources for good quality 2nd hand furniture in the States.

Heather - posted on 07/18/2009




The Flea Market!! It makes for a long day, but I know that our flea market is amazing for this. They have a few furniture places that sell all of their over stock, scratched or out dated items for almost nothing. We got bunk beds for our boys for $150 mattresses included. All brand new. They are not cheaply made either. If you have one you should check it out.

Elizabeth - posted on 07/17/2009




i was recently looking for new furniture for our girls
and found that there are a few REALLY great kids furniture sellers on Ebay! For 500 i could get a crib, changing table and dresser in the style and finish i wanted and they'd even make the three a connectable set! Really neat and something to consider!!

Rebekah - posted on 07/16/2009




Any mom2mom sales in your area? Awesome used stuff, but always in good condition and very reasonably priced.

But for new - target, walmart and kmart usually have some good deals. I don't know if you have any Big Lots in your area, but they will get new stuff in from Target all the time.

Athena - posted on 07/16/2009




try target, i got my daughter a cube set and decorate it with color boxes to store her cloths. it can also be use for a book shelf

[deleted account]

I have learned it is better to buy good used furniture than cheap new furniture. Resale shops are excellent. Even thrift stores, salvation army, goodwill. I would not trust a used mattress though. I bought my sons' 12-drawer dresser for $95, solid wood, dovetail drawers, great construction. I just added new hardware to update it. But hey, $95 for two boys' solid wood dresser? That's a deal!

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