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I thought I had the sleeping through the night methodology down pat! :0) I have 2 boys and they both slept through the night by the time they were 3 months old. My daughter (our 3rd) is not and is now 9 months. To give some background, she has always had trouble burping and I was hoping she would outgrow it. She would burp several times after nursing, however once put down to sleep she would wake up a couple of hours later, burp and then be hungry again due to the relased gas. I'm not sure how to help her. I've tried cutting out everything I could think of and that didn't work, co-sleeping is not an option for us, we've tried letting her cry, however her cries are legitimate - not a habit (and I don't want to create a bad habit, hence the request for wisdom from you mommies!) She naps twice a day and is on cereal and avocado as of right now. I had introduced more foods, however have cut back thinking that maybe a food was contributing to her discomfort. I am asking for wisdom, dear sisters-in-Christ and am hoping that one of you may be God's answer to our prayers. Thank-you!!!

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Thanks for the words and advice! I do know that she has some problems and hopefully her little digestive system will mature and then all will be well. I have decided to just keep her strictly on rice and oatmeal cereal for the next month or so (along with nursing) to try and get her bowels and tummy settled and used to getting the gas out with these. We did have to let our 1st cry it out for a few nights, so I am not opposed to that - I just want to make sure that her system is right. She has slept well and has slept all night when she was able to get all the gas out, it's when it doesn't all get out that we have problems. I appreciate your prayers and I know that this is temporary. I just want her to be well rested so that she remains the content baby that she is and develops well. Thank-you all!

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My youngest didn't sleep through the night at 9m either. By my eldest was 8wk and my second was 10wks. In our case though, my husband would come home at 2:30am from work, and Christian learned how to wake up for Daddy every week night, Daddy would go in and cuddle him and play with him, then on the weekends Mommy would be stuck getting up in the middle of the night with a crying baby. :P I started giving him a cup of water and he would take that and stop crying and go right to bed. Did that until he was 2 and potty training actually. He did stop crying though, and he did stop waking up every night. I would put a cup on the dresser when he went to bed so it was a quick in and out. When he started potty training, I just stopped giving it and he didn't think twice about it, so it didn't create a bad habit. I don't think babies actually need a middle of the night feeding at 9m, so long as they are getting their intake during the day.

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I have a similar story, my two boys slept through the night at 3 months, but my twin girls didn't sleep through the night until they were over a year. One slept through a little before the other, but it didn't matter what we tried they just wouldn't do it. I know that isn't very encouraging, but I wanted to let you know it isn't abnormal. No words of wisdom, just lots of prayer!

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My son just started sleeping 10-12 hours straight around 8 months. And he did that when he stopped his bedtime bottle, but he stopped it on his own. I also let him cry it out when he woke in the middle of the night, I'd go into his room, but I wouldn't pick him up, I'd just let him know I heard him, lay him back down, cover him with his blanket and then just walk out. He'd cry again, but I'd let him cry for about 10 minutes then go in and reassure him again. His cries too weren't real ones, but after 3 nights of doing that, he stopped waking up and would settle himself back to sleep.

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Hi Anne,

I have tried Ovol and they didn't seem to do anything. I have thought of trying Bio Gaia (sp?) a friend of mined mentioned, however have not done so yet. We do pray before meals, however not before nursing - that is a great idea! Thank-you for your prayers!

Anne - posted on 07/19/2009




Have you tried giving her the baby gas drops before you nurse her? Our oldest was like this only I was not able to nurse her, long story, these really helped her. They are in the baby aisle. I am sure you have thought of this but I as going to ask any way. Do you Pray a meal blessing with her before or as she is nursing? I realize she would not understand the Prayer like you would but God would understand for her.

Meanwhile I will keep you in my Prayers.


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