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A place for Christian homemakers to gather, share their tips for cleaning, decorating, family fun ideas and most importantly, the Godly encouragement we all could use in our day-to-day loving of our families and homes!


Emergency kits...

Does anyone here have an emergency kit? I've felt the need (not fear, just an urging in my spirit) to create one. Granted, we live in tornado land, and also have all of our...


Christmas Countdown

Just a have 87 days until Christmas. I know some people like to do things last minute, but we prefer to spend December doing things to bless others and each...


Favorite Recipes

Do you have a favorite recipe? What about a yummy recipe that "stretches" our dollars, or that you can double and freeze, or a special holiday recipe. Post it here!


Welcome & Introductions!

Hello! I know there is another Christian Homemaker circle on here and I joined it, but it wasn't moving and I don't know about you, but I could use some encouragement and some...