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Pat - posted on 04/21/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Im pretty sure ive had this cross my mind before. i saw my counselor at church today(about once a month)..and she pointed out how i have a choice in ________(fill in the blank).
I can chose to eat or drink alcohol to dull my senses and not think about life, or turn to God and let Him work in me.
i can stare at tv(im not against tv but will spend a few hours staring at it)..or get to bed so i can wake up and spend time with God in the morning. so i can get to know Him better which will result in me trusting Him.
I can chose to keep going to the past or press on toward the future. i like the ESV version of philipians 3:13...but one thing i do, i press on thoward th goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. I may not have much, if any, control over what will come, I cant control if my oldest lets God back in her heart or if she will stay pure, all i can do is pray and example. i cant control if my husband will be a part of our little ones future, all i can do is be the best mommy I can and love them. i cant control if God is going to bring me a truly Godly man, all i can do is pray that i will begin to take care of myself and be healthy physically and mentally. if a man should be part of Gods plan, great, if not, i am taking care of myself anyway. i will chose to trust God. no, it may not always be easy because I want my way. i want the easy and lazy and just let the kids do whatever way, but I know God has called me to teach, to love. If i truly love them and want whats best, i will do what is right, even if it means me putting aside what i want to do. isnt that what parents do? I pray that i will learn to be selfless, not selfish. that i will do what is right.
Thanks, im sure i was rambling a bit, but hoping that someone might benefit from this. sometimes i feel so helpless, and truth is, i may not have a lot of choices, but i do have some. i also chose to trust God.

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Angela - posted on 04/29/2011




You know, I find that it is truly amazing how much FREEDOM we actually have in Christ! We are sooo blessed in this country, to be able to live our faith, and on top of that, we have nothing but options with Christ. The good thing is, we have the freedom in Christ to make our choices and decisions (hopefully while consulting Christ), and we also have the wonderful GRACE OF GOD if we find out that we made a wrong choice! God, with his grace, is always offering us another chance to "get back on the path" if we do mess up. In reality, we should NEVER feel stressed or limited about our relationship with Christ, because their is none other that gives us this much freedom to chose, and yet re-directs with such grace when we chose wrong....even as parents, we aren't that good at giving our children that much leeway in the mistake department!!!! Something to consider

Carla - posted on 04/22/2011




Sounds like you had an 'Aha!' moment. A wise woman will take the counsel of others and meditate on it to see if it's right for her. You just took another step up the maturity level. That Philippians quote--I like the KJV that says 'the prize of the high calling'. We have a HIGH calling--now we have to make sure we are worthy to accept that calling. That means we crucify our flesh and made the hard decisions that will make us holy. Crucifying is NOT fun, but the end results are the assurance that God is pleased with us, and can use us for whatever He pleases. I want to be that person.

God bless, sweetheart.

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