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My daughter is 2years 1month and was a beautiful sharer. Now just only in the past two weeks, everything is hers and if she doesn't get it she screams MINE!!! It only lasts for about 3 seconds before she mobes onto something else but it's so embarrasing. I don't know what to do. Ignoring doesn't work (her volume button had broken at the high setting) and i don't feel comfortable smaking her in public cause people look at you like your evil. Help!!

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Joy - posted on 02/26/2010




My son has just started doing the same thing but only since I had my daughter. He was always good at sharing but now if she even looks at one of his toys he quickly grabs it and yells "mine". At home I usually take the toy away from him and put him in time out...then make him apologize to his sister (or whoever he took the toy from). He knows he is doing wrong but I would say we go through this at least a couple times a day. It is normal...they just need to understand that it is wrong and unacceptable! However your daughter understands that best, only you can determine. All my best!!!!

Carla - posted on 02/26/2010




Every kid goes through that stage. You may feel like your child is the only one, but she isn't! If she doesn't want to share, tell her 'no, you will share', and give the object to whoever she's having the fight with. A wonderful idea my daughter does is setting the timer (which is difficult to do in public, but at your home, or even at friend's this works) for 5-10 minutes, and each child plays with the object the allotted time. If she does this with other siblings, put the object in time out. EVERYONE learns that way that if they fight over something, it goes up. Whatever you decide, BE CONSISTENT! Nothing teaches children better than knowing that if they misbehave, the consequences are going to be swift, no whining or wiggling out of it. Good luck, honey.

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