Church of Christ Mamas

1) Specifically for moms affiliated with the Churches of Christ to share parenting and Bible class material, children's music/songs, and other resources as they pertain to our children's spiritual growth and well-being. 2) To provide encouragement and spiritual nourishment between moms who share a common faith. **This group is NOT closed to those who are not affiliated with the Churches of Christ - EVERYONE'S WELCOME HERE!


First child leaving for college

Needing prayers my oldest will be leaving home for college in a year, I guess It has started to settle in that this is really about to happen. I want to start my prayer warriors...


Urgent Prayer Request

....Urgent Prayer Request: Reagan Hatcher is a 4 yr old who was born with her heart and organs reversed in her body. Last Tuesday she had to have open heart surgery and it went...


Christian Moms need encouragement

I am a Christian wife and mom of 3 and also a full time missionary. It is tough out there for Christian Moms and Sisters! We all need to encourage each other to make it onward...


hi to all

hi im chrissy i have a 6 year old daughter megan a 2 year old daughter leeah (leelee) and a 8 month old daughter enya my husband and i got baptised in 2009and also married in...



I'm so excited that we're now at 31 members! Please feel free to share anything relevant to church/parenting/support/questions; and let's get some conversations started. Glad...


Getting Teenage Boys to Church!!!

My husband & I have taken our boys to church since they were babies. Zack, my 16 year old, has been baptized but will not go to church. My son, Cole 14, doesn't want to go...