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Invitation only group for ladies who have formed bonds with each other within the COM community


Kim Kommando Radio Show

I was listening to this show this morning in the car on the radio. She gives help with technology, advises on what to get depending on callers' needs, and special offers. The...


This one is just CRAZY... Please tell me this person isn't actually a PARENT of a child like this and doing this?...


Question about your alerts

My alerts on CoM only notify me that someone has liked one of my responses. I do'nt get notifited when someone responds to a thread I have posted on- are you guys having the...


Another crazy.

I know Dove has had some banter with Kim M but gosh she's crazy. She likes to pick apart all the comments that she doesn't agree with.


Happy Easter

I just wanted to say Happy Easter to all of you!! Today it is raining out. Hard rain. It is in the 60's F here. I am happy to say that I got it worked out to take my parents...


Where is everyone?

The staff of my school district were challenged to do a social media "fast" for a month right after New Years. The idea was to drop out of all social media and limit email etc...


It's all too much.

Yesterday I had a breakdown at work and just couldn't stop crying. I rang my boss and told her I needed time off and she came straight out to see me. We sat down and had a chat...


Sara Smith

Oh she is a winner... She is contemplating moving out of her home...


Merry Christmas to you all.

I just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year. I celebrate Christmas tomorrow (24th) so won't be around much. I hope all the kids/grandkids behave...


Long time no talk

but I'm going to explode! Shoot me now... Bonehead (the only thing I cal my ex online) called out of the blue last night. First time I've spoken to him in a year and a half...



So, remember me saying that I was being transferred to another store as the manager there was being demoted back down to assistant manager? I am still on leave and was supposed...