Son's going threw divorces with there ex's

Lorrie - posted on 04/05/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Is any one out there going through Divorces with there soon to be x daughter in-laws being vindictive?
I have a son going through a mess with his wife. She is lying and accusing him of terrible stuff. There has been protection orders, court, cops and now health and welfare? Is any one out there that has went through this type of stuff or going through it. It is like there is NO help for these young men who want to be part of his children's life? How can these young girls do this to there children and call them self's mom!!! This girls is all about power, control and nothing about her children. I need some help and advice.

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Pat - posted on 08/30/2012




That's the problem, no one whats wrong with these people. These kids are being hurt and confused and taught on how to be vindictive and controlling. the future for these kids is not looking good. Why do I say that? because when I was growing up we were taught respect and love and family. Today kids are taught hatred and manipulation and control just by their parents actions. Hurting their kids are something they do without thinking twice about it. They think that the only way to hurt the people that hurt them is by using their children as leverage and pawns. Divorces are never nice but they should be between the two adults (who created this life and brought children into it), to act like adults. Kids are getting married too young and having kids too young. I was a teenage mom and my kids got hurt in the end because of not being able to protect them. My ex husband splint my kids up in different states so I couldn't find them ( just to hurt me for leaving him) for 10 years. My daughter found me after she turned 18. The courts look more towards the mother and put blinders on. Fathers who are good and are trying to be there for their kids are being hurt. I am sorry that they are going through this and all I can say is try to be there for your son and for your grand kids and in the end just remember, what goes around comes around but ten times harder. My ex husband is dead now but he live out his last years alone and his girls didn't want to see him or be with him. It's sad when children lose what family life was meant to be. I hope it works out for him and for the kids. I will pray for you.

Barbie - posted on 07/11/2010




Yes, my sons wife took off with all the children, had my son arrested for domestic violence, he did not lay hands on her, yet he had to go to court & is now on probation for it. Just because she said so. She didnt have a mark on her, yet the cops just took her word for it. Theres a protective order in place. He just went to court & was told he gets one hour a week supervised visitation, & thats whenever they can 'work him in'. Oh, & he has to come alone, so I cant even go.I havent seen my grandbabies since Christmas. I've been the only Granny those kids has ever known, & we were close. My son hasnt seen them since shortly after Christmas. She has made this whole ordeal so ugly, when it never had to be. What kind of mother rips their children from everything & everyone they know & take them to an unfamiliar place. Two of these kids are school age, so they also had to change schools. She's only thinking of herself & being so wrong. Whats wrong with these people?

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