i know someone dating a married man...

Lauren - posted on 05/07/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




it all started about 3 months ago, she told me she was seeing someone but didnt want me to know his name or anything about him. but day by day she would drop little hints about him and i knew he was on her facebook. i couldnt stand the mystery any longer so i looked on her friends list and found him. and in his profile picture there was a woman standing beside him that was not her.. and the caption for the pic, "me and my wife, happily married 13 years today". i almost puked. how could this person i have known so long, someone whos husband cheated on her multiple times and put her through hell and ruined her self confidence, and beliefs in love; be in a relationship with a married man. how many times did i hear her say "i hate all those sluts who knew he was married to me and yet they did it anyways why wasnt they thinking of me?? but then she turns around and does the same thing to another woman. and bieng a married woman myself i cant help but think why would she do this? i guess she really thinks he loves her and she probably does love him but she says that he keeps promising in a certain amount of time he will tell his wife and that time passes then he has another excuse of when he will tell her. my thoughts are that he will never tell his wife and he is just dragging this person along. i feel that i dont have the same relationship with this person because of what i now know. i cant help it...


S. - posted on 05/07/2012




I imagine your friend gets a sence of power from what she's doing and feels desirable as this guy is choosing her over his marriage, I can't really fathom people like her out my hb father left him and my mil for another woman when my hb was small my mil Said she could never do it to someone else then went on to have a affair with a married man.
I could never do it, it makes me feel sick........ All i can say is Karma will come round!

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