i wanna no how i can get my 10 yr old daughter to stop swearing and listen and do as her told

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Erin - posted on 10/29/2008




I had a 3 yr old neighbor boy who came over one time, having never met him before. In the first visit, my 6 yr old boys learned the F word, the B word, the N word, and so on. I told him we do not talk that way and if he persists, I will walk him home and he will not be allowed back without changing his language. THen I went to his house and heard all of the same words coming from his family. My suggestion is to find out where your daughter is getting her speech lessons and limit her time with them. If it's family, the best way is to get it out of the house completely. Hope this helps

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Remember you are her parent, not her friend. Why are there not any consequences if asking her to stop does not work? If you do the same thing over and over again you will get the same result...or lack of result.

Take away something she loves to do or go and she will know that you are serious.

Good Luck

Tonya - posted on 10/21/2008




I had a friend of mine who was having the same trouble. She bought a money jar, one you can see through, and made her daught put a quarter into the jar everytime she swore and she did the same for herself in a different jar. Needless to say wasn't much in her jar but her daughters kept filling up and with the clear jar she could see how much money she was losing. Afterward she finally stopped swearing, she didn't tell her this before hand, she took the money collected and you took her on a girls day out as a reward for stopping. She did learn a lesson and they still have the jars on the counter! (just not filling up like before)

Shawna - posted on 10/20/2008




Spend a lot of genuine one on one time with her doing what she loves to do. She is trying to get your attention and will take whatever she can get-even if it's negative. Give her lots of love, affection and your time. She'll probably start having a lot more respect for you as you build a stronger positive connection with her. Kids act out when their needs are not being full met.

Joanne - posted on 10/17/2008




i dont take away anything, i just ask her to do sumthing and its always, 1 second , or fk sake,it does my head in , i ask her nicely and thats what i get. shes the same wiv my paretns too, she tells them to shut up, fk off, piss off, i dont no what else to do

Winnie - posted on 10/17/2008




Hi Joanne, nice to meet you. I was thinking about your question, and I was curious of the consequences she has for her bad choices, what are some of the things you take away? Is there consequences that are immediate?? :)

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