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Several day care centers in my city will take cloth diapers but not the one where we have our older child (and which is closest to our work places). We would love to put our younger child in the same center when it's time. Does anyone have advice for making the case to a daycare center to start accepting cloth diapers? Does anyone know of a fact sheet for day care centers or a protocol that's been written out?


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From experience working in a Montessori Center, a lot goes into getting approved by the Board of Health. Your center probably doesn't want to bother changing their safety handbook and have to deal wih the BoH. The BoH has very strict standards that they must meet in order allow cloth diaper use in infant rooms. I have a question for you...are there children in your daycare that are being toilet trainied? Protocol would probably be similiar to how they handle containment with that. boH will definitely have a detailed protocol fact sheet. Where I worked we had to label a plastic container to hold all soiled clothing; it was placed out of the children's reach. If the diaper leaked they would have to bleach the contaminated area (which they should be doing anyway). Your center must revise their handbook to include facts like this. Ask your local health dept for this info. Also, to help your case, mention how much waste disposable diapers create. With the whole green campaign, the daycare should do their share in saving the planet! The little upfront work they would have to do intially would definitely pay off in the end. Hope this helps.

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My boss at the daycare I recently left was able to look it up on the department of health and human services website. She found out that cloth diapers are ok as long as they have the cover, and insert. The only stipulation is that they cannot wash them out if child has a bm(I'm not sure who would expect them to though>)

Hope this helps

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Try this article.

I didn't read the actual article (need to get to bed) but the abstract says no difference was found between AIOs and disposables (concerning fecal contamination) when used in a daycare setting so it should be helpful in making your case.

Good luck!

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