wanting to learn how to make my own prefold diaper covers

Emily - posted on 08/11/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




id rather buy my prefolds as im no confident enough in my sewing abilites to feel i could do it right to keep baby dry and make a good durable prefold that would last but i am very much into the idea of making my own covers for said prefold diapers. i have to use pre folds cuz i am poor and its the cheapest to buy used/new online and on craigslist (prefer the local person on person idea of that better tehn online) but im new to the whole idea in general and really my sewing abilites extend to fixing holes in things but i feel like i could totally make the covers. im wondering, what are the best waterproof fabics thats are easier to clean and the cheapest to use? and where can i find easy simple patterns to base my covers one? as well is it possible to just make simple ones in the shape of prefolds then simple fold them like a prefold making the whole thing thatmuch easier? and is it easier to make the covers to use with the snappies tings (id rather not use the pins wether they lock or not) or snaps i put on the cloth covers? and is velcrow also an option?

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Hannah - posted on 08/26/2010




I make covers out of the fleece lined water proof fabric from Hancocks-- light weight, but rather damp proof-- not water proof, as the wool and fleece definitely ARE NOT. Respond back if you want more info and an idea fora pattern

Lisa - posted on 08/13/2010




If you go to this link...there are a ton of patterns.

For materials for covers, the cheapest solution will wool or fleece. Fleece that you get at JoAnn's will work nicely and you can get a couple covers out of a yard of material. For wool, try thrift stores for old wool sweaters and they can be felted (wash/dry several times on HOT to shrink) and then used as regular material. I would not recommend using snappis for covers. I personally love snaps because lint in velcro drives me nuts and I spend way too much time picking it out. But velcro will work if you don't have a snap press.

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