Cloth Diapering Mommies

For moms who avoid disposable diapers!


overnight cloth diaper inserts

I recently started cloth diapering my 2 little ones. Right now Im still using disposables for over night but would like to switch to all cloth. The problem I have is my 2 yo is...


Overnight Cloth Diapering

We have been using disposibles for overnight and would like to switch to cloth for our baby. What have you had the best luck with? We also have a night-time potty-training...



ISO Softbums echo/omni and pods! H&L and girlie prints preferred. Thanks MaMas!!


Store of Baby?

I did a quick search and didn't see a post with this at a glance, so I apologize if it's been discussed here! FTM/FTCD and my friend just sent me this link:...


cloth diapering a newborn.. advice?

I only started cloth diapering when my second child had just turned 2. I'm now expecting my 3rd, and plan to continue, because I love it :) However, I have no idea what to...


Gdiapers compaird to others?

I bought my first gdiaper and I'm awaiting its arrival in the mail. I want opinions on the gdiaper compared to other diapers. Thanks, Heather


Eco Twins

My twins are in a cloth diaper photo contest which ends Tuesday morning at 9:30 we are doing well but not in the lead. I need your help in liking their photo. Please go to...


Any mommies in my part of Texas??!!

Hi Im new on here would defently like to meet other mommies in my area. Im in Evadale but alot of ppl dont know where that is because its not considered a city its in Jasper...


Butt paste to use with cloth diapers

Hi there, My daughter is 16 months old and we are still using disposables. We are getting ready to switch to cloth as soon as my order arrives. She gets a lot of diaper rashes...


diaper cream?

I am new to cloth diapering for my second child who is due to be born in the next week. I am wondering what others have done for diaper rash in cloth diapers? I read a bit...