Do cloth diapers help to potty train earlier?

Rachel - posted on 07/30/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is 27 months and he's worn disposables since birth. I've tried potty training about 3 times now since he was 17 months and I had more success when he was younger though I don't think he really knew what was happening so it was basically just getting lucky. Now he is more stubborn and will hold it for hours if I try to put him in a cloth pullup or underwear and as soon as I put the disposable diaper back on he fills it up almost immediately. Has anyone had experience with potty training at a younger age successfully as a result of using cloth diapers? I'm expecting our 2nd child, also a boy, in Nov and definitely considering starting out with cloth diapers and using them full time and only using disposables when we are out of the house.


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Emily - posted on 10/05/2013




I am due in three months and have bought a selection of different branded re-usables. I have heard from various forums and fellow users of cloth nappies that potty training can be much easier as they can feel when they are wet and the nappy is also easier to remove than disposables and if a potty is left around the house your child might use there own initiative to go by them selves.
Easier said than done I know. Good luck.

Shelby - posted on 10/12/2012




With your second baby consider getting the g diapers. They have cloth inserts and biodegradable inserts which are good for when you are out because then you can just flush the insert and put a new one in. What I did to help potty train my nephew wa to put Cheerios in the toilet and made him aim for it and when he did I gave him a skittle or a gummy bear. I made it into a game.

Maegan - posted on 08/04/2011




My sons 14 months and I've been cloth diapering from the jump now ofcourse hes not ready to potty train yet but I put pull ups on him at night time because Itll hold more but he peed on me once when I pull the pull up down instead of laying him down to change him lol. I heard that it is easier to potty train them using cloth diapers well see when I start but there little objects they sell that u use to potty trin u put them in toilet and them then to aim and if its a girl just the little potty on the floor they say to just keep taking her every hour until she gets it and give her a treat for a reward let me know how it goes im interested :)

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