Congenital CMV Moms

My baby girl was born with Cytomegalovirus (CMV). There is a wide range of symptoms and disabilities associated with CMV and I wanted to open this community for moms to connect and discuss their child's struggles and accomplishments. I feel that by coming together we can encourage one another and make more women aware of the dangers of CMV and prevention during pregnancy.


Pregnant & Baby has CMV

My baby caught CMV when I was about 19 weeks pregnant. Im currently 26 weeks pregnant and at my doctors appointment this week they told me my baby was pretty much going to be in...


New member - daughter born with CMV

Just wanted to say how exciting it is to see that there are others 'out there' with the same or very similar stories to ours. So nice to now know that i'm not alone on this...


My babe don want to drink milk

i have baby gal who is infected by CMV and now she refuse to drink milk we try to feed her with spoon n she will start to throw out everything. she is already 1 yr 3 mths old...


I have a new baby that was born with CMV

My baby was born on october 24th 2009. He has CMV. He has lost his hearing in his left ear and has had brain development issues. He is still in the hospital. Any advice?


my son has cmv

i have a friend thats pregnant does anybody know what i do shes coming to visit and is their a pre caution so her fetus wont get cmv cause ive never been this situation cause i...

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Helping Lead Local Afforts Against CMV My article. :)


Are You Getting the Support You Need?

I've been thinking about all the families out there with children affected by CMV. It breaks my heart knowing more babies are born all the time that will needlessly suffer and...

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hi everyone!

how wonderful to find this circle of moms group! what a neat forum! Tracy


G-Tube/Button, Pros/Cons?

Evie recently had a stay in the hospital after having seizures brought on by high fever caused by a UTI and C. Diff. infections. We stayed 5 days in the hospital and then came...


Hitting!! How do you make it stop?

Evie's learned how to sign "No!" and then she slaps me in the face and scratches at me. She thinks it is funny. She doesn't understand safety, pain, or the affects of what she...



From one CMV mommy to another I love you all !!!!!


swine flu?!

SO... There is alot of info going around about the swine flu shot. I have seen good things for the vaccine and stuff against it... Are you getting one for you child?! What...