Okay so I know I've been a member for a while now but I never really got into it. Can anyone tell me the best way to get started?

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Montana - posted on 10/29/2011




I buy 4 papers on Sunday. I also get coupons from the papers at my hubby's work. I organize them by categories in a 3 ring zipable binder. I got my coupon sleeves from piglet&mollysplace on ebay. I go to Kroger cuz they double up to $1 in our area and buy only the sale items that I have coupons for. I plan my trip out which isnt hard. You learn what coupons you have in the clipping process so by the time I look at the sale ad I know what I am getting. Dental stuff is almost always free so I have a stock of that stuff. Trying to be patient for some more homemadey type stuff cuz I am not a fan of all the frozen food but I hear coupons are pretty seasonal so with Thanksgiving coming I think there will be good ones. I also just signed up for the KMart rewards thing so the coupons that allow the awesome deals on the back page are as good as mine! Good luck!

Lacy - posted on 10/24/2011




I have put together a booklet (about 30 pages) and a power point presentation (about 30 slides) that I use to teach coupon classes in my area. I am willing to share a copy with you to use either for yourself to learn couponing or to use as a teaching aid to teach your friends, family, church members or anyone you know that would be interested in learning couponing. I have it listed on ebay. I have put a lot of time and effort into this and I believe it is a great bargain
and excellent teaching tools for only $8.99
(You are basically paying for my time and trouble putting it together)
Free Shipping of course, I will email it to you.

In the booklet and presentation, it teaches you

1.How to organize your coupons

Using both a binder and file method

2. Where to Find Coupons - an extensive list

Manufacturer Internet Coupon sites
Coupon Database

3. Understanding Coupon Lingo

An extensive list of of the abbreviations used in blogs and their meanings

4.Tips for Success in Couponing

12 Week Grocery Cycle-explanation
Menu Planning-sites to assist
Stockpiling-reasonable stockpiling
Coupon Policies-understanding their policies
Sucessful Shopping of Drug Stores-walgreens and CVS explanations

5. Importance of Coupon Blogs

List of many blogs to follow

Plus a bonus: A form that I use for shopping; listing prices, coupons and savings.

Upon Purchase, I will email both the file for the booklet and the power point presentation. You must have both Microsoft Word for the booklet and Power Point to operate the slide presentation.

I use my laptop to project the power point presentation onto our big screen television for the coupon classes. I print the pages and place in an inexpensive pocketed folder for the coupon students to follow along and make notes during the presentation.
They also take the booklet home with them for future reference.

You may choose to tailor it more to your liking, but you have an excellent start with all the work already done for you. After using this presentation for over a year now, many of my friends suggested that I sell it so others could learn and teach couponing.

Please make sure you include your email address. Check out on ebay, its listed under Learn How To Coupon 101 - 5 Easy Steps Book & Power Point Presentation

Amber - posted on 09/21/2011




I typically buy 3 papers every sunday ask around to everyone you know if they know anyone who gets the sunday paper so that they can save you their coupon inserts as well.. The key to couponing is having several coupons for each item, at least 4 is ideal, and also keep track of the printable coupons, typically I get the most from the coupons out of the paper though so don't go too crazy printing them unless you know you'll need them.. The best place to get started is to follow a few really good coupon blogs, The 3 that I use on a daily basis are www.thekrazycouponlady.com , www.passionatepennypincher.com , and www.southernsavers.com Usually once a week I check www.couponmom.com bc she has a neat little list for each store on there and tells you the percentage you are saving and there are also some really good videos on there explaining how the site works... get to know the abbreviations and the blogs will make more sense, RP means RedPlum, SS mean Smart Source, PG means Proctor & Gamble, $1/1 B1G1 means Buy one get one (usually free or half off), They also have alot of helpful articles and videos on each of those websites that I sent you. Also, go to https://www.facebook.com/TheKrazyCouponLady?ref=ts , https://www.facebook.com/TheKrazyCouponLady?ref=ts , and https://www.facebook.com/TheKrazyCouponLady?ref=ts it is much easier for me to follow the blogs on facebook bc I'm usually on here and I can follow the deals in my newsfeed all in one place...

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