Breastfeeding older children......

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Breastfeeding older children......How old is TOO old??
What age would make you go Hmmmmmmmm.........Is school aged children too old?

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I read this somewhere on the breastfeeding community and it really made sense, so I'll repeat it (though by no means quote it!) When you're nursing an infant, it's hard to imagine nursing a crawler, then, when they crawl it's hard to imagine not doing it, but hard to imagine nursing a toddler. Then you're nursing a toddler and it all seems to right and natural, but hard to imagine nursing a school aged child. Then one day, they're school aged and it seems to right and natural. it's really easy for me to be a bit weirded out by the idea of nursing a school aged child, but I was a bit weirded out by the prospect of nursing a toddler when mine was a baby. To each their own as long as it stays an emotionally and mentally healthy breastfeeding relationship for both mother and child.

When people ask when I'm going to quit (for the record, my milk dried up with pregnancy, so my daughter self-weaned, we have been done for nearly 2 months now :( ) I always say "I guess if she goes to a college to far away to come home for a bedtime snack we'll have to either move or wean." Obviously that's a joke, but some people dont' get it, which really cracks me up!

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As long as the mother and child are both ok w/ it... .no age is too old.

For me personally, I can't see breastfeeding my son once he's 4, but ask me again in another year. ;)

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