Cloth or disposable?

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I'm very passionate about my cloth nappies/diapers. I LOVE them in the same way I love my shoes and handbags! Disposables have their place but I would not use them full time for numerous reasons.

What influenced your choice of baby bum coverings?
Disposable users would you ever consider using cloth? Yes or no what are your reasons?

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Megan - posted on 06/20/2009




Cloth!!!! Hurray! I love them... but admittedly i stumbled on to them on the internet while I was pregnant! The new ones are so cute and easy! They are great against diaper rash and better for the environment... and even the most expensive ones can save you a lot of money. The argument is often "i don't wanna wash them, yucky"- but you already have to change em and i don't touch 'em when they go into the wash and the other is that they don't wanna do laundry all the time. But i only do two extra loads a week and you have to take out the garbage instead with disposables.To me, they are the best. and we use disposables for short trips or in between laundry cycles. I think they would be way more popular if the were better marketed and not seen as "alternative parenting"- To anyone having new babies - DO IT! There isn't necessarily anything wrong with disposables... but cloth is totally the way to go! Plus you cant buy huggies in bright pink or baby blue!

[deleted account]

I was reminded earlier why I really don't like disposables. He's been in them today as we're on holiday tomorow and I didn't want dirty nappies sat in the bucket. I discovered he'd pooped while picking the eldest up from school. It went up his back and front, and his clothes were all poopy and yuk. Don't mind cleaning nappies but hate trying to get dirty vests over the head.

Sara - posted on 06/19/2009




I have considered cloth, but there are no diaper services where I live so I would have to wash all of them and I just felt like I didn't have enough time. I admit, I feel bad that I don't use cloth, but it's just more convenient to use disposable.

Katie - posted on 06/19/2009




Hi there! I always used disposable.....I'm not too sure if cloth are even available here in Ireland anymore......if they are I've never seen them anyway.I found Pampers really terrific at the time,I thought they were durable,strong and nicely scented.They were expensive enough,I remember,but the quality of them made it worth the extra few coins! I suppose its really up to the mother what brand of nappy or cloth nappy to use,we would all have different preferences.And I've no doubt Baby would be quick enough to let us know(waa,waa,waa!!)if they weren't happy with our chosen variety!!!Ha,ha!

[deleted account]

I personally like cloth nappies. I still used disposable most of the time when we were out because I didn't want to carry a poopy nappy round with me. When my son was a baby I loved looking at the new styles and colours on various websites. I had some covers with sea creatures all over them and some others that were fluffy and multi coloured. So it was a bit like clothes shopping or having a new handbag.

[deleted account]

Todays cloth nappies are so much nicer than 20 years ago, as are disposables. My mum wouldn't touch a disposable when we were kids, she said they resembled plastic pants with a sanitary pad stuck in the middle. Strange how people imagine that the cloth option still implies terry squares with pins and plastic pants, with hours of scrubbing off poop. My day time nappies are the same shape as disposable, I use flushable liners that quickly remove the poop to the toilet. I spend no time scrubbing, just chuck the used nappy in a lined and lidded bucket. No soaking. When I wash I throw the lining bag in the washing machine and its done. Long term use of cloth reduces nappy costs by half and even more for other babies. And best of all they look so cute! LOVE THEM!!!!

Savannah - posted on 06/17/2009




Actually, the more I think about it, it sounds pretty practical. Cheap is good, for one. And besides, if I get poo or pee on my clothes when changing a diaper I was them and wear them again. Not bad...

Although I must say I love the smell of pampers and Luvs diapers. I do.

Savannah - posted on 06/17/2009




I also use disposable. I never really thought about using cloth, to really honest. My mom said she used it with us kids and it was a real pain, but I can't say that that influenced my decision. I never really "decided" I guess. Just did it... Another baby on the way though... Maybe I should try it?

Sarah - posted on 06/17/2009




As much as i know cloth nappies are more eco friendly, i use disposables.

Honestly, the thought of using cloth ones never even entered my head!

Pathetic an excuse as it is, i just find the idea a little gross!

I know, i'm rubbish!! haha!! :)

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